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lol at the term man-purse.  I don't think that I've heard that term since 1998.  Messenger bags and briefs are pretty common these days.  Maybe try a portfolio.  If you want something "manly", I use this: http://frankcleggleatherworks.com/leather-bags/messengers.html
These are not house brands, but they are definitely mid-tier brands.  To Boot New York was a brand that peaked in about 1998.  Sort of a Macy's Staple.  Manganinni I have seen most often at lower priced boutiques and outlet stores.  For your $300, you can get a better shoe than any of the above.
99% chance of a scam.  All the signs are there.  Allegedly UK based, but the WHOIS is some dude in Alabama, but with a tech with a Chinese email.  Everythng in the footer is suspect, including non-working links and linkless very visible icons.  I would stay away unless you like getting scammed, or worse yet, your cc info stolen.
So... what did you get?
Well, yes.  However, the median individual income of the US, across the board, is $32,140.  This is not high, but the average housing price of the USA is apparently $188,900 (so, under $200K), s opposed to  $788,529 in Brooklyn, and $452,304 in Queens.  This is a probably a reasonable proxy (though average rent is probably better) of the cost of living in NYC vs the rest of the country.  Take that into account, and the income for people in the fashion industry is...
I don't know how rigorous the Fashionsta survey is, but $75K seems really high to me, as an average.  Maybe if you include the big corporate jobs (one designer I know, his wife designed for Walmart, and that was money.)  The jobs that I cited at 20, and then 30-40 GBP, are for currently open positions, in London, which is one of the most expensive places in the world in which to live. Re. tech - yes, an outlier, I know, but that is the median across ALL roles, not just...
If the price would good, these are issues that you can fix with some "home burnishing".
People are loathe to download attachements, for obvious reasons.  I, for example, will not do so.  If you upload your pictures using the landscape icon, you are much more likely to get answers. Cheers. Fok.
Don't do a blue lapel with a black jacket.  It's just a poor idea.  If you want to make it look a little more distinctive, maybe use something like a black mini-herringbone cloth, or something like that, and properly braided trousers with grosgrain lapels.  For black tie, it's best to go with subtle rather than immediately eye-catching changes, especially for an occasion like a wedding.
Of those two choices, I would go with the second, though maybe eschew the green tie for something in the red family.
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