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It's not fucked up, it's human decency and empathy. Customer service reps deal with irate people all day. They're tired and frustrated and probably have their own problems that you know nothing about. Give them a reason to want to help you, if it's just showing that you understand that they are a person too, and have done nothing to deserve your frustration.
Well, yeah. How do you think they make money?
New business idea. Going to rent an apartment in a gentrifying area. Blackmail the shit out of the landlord when she wants to sell.
This.  I think that they should build a Benihana inside all the lounges.  
So, are you going to return those 300 pairs of shoes to Zappos in stages, or all at once?
Show me said offer, and I will gladly trade up.  Even with the fee, that's a deal.  During point sales, you can get international flights for something like $40K points apiece.
You guys get first boarding privileges anyway.  Proletariat in name only (tm).
lol.  For the points.  Something like 30-35K points if I made over $2K of purchases using it in 2 months.  So easy.  Nearly too easy.  Pay for groceries a few times, pay for a flight or a hotel, and you're done.
The wifi is nice.  Never found the snacks that useful though.  I mean, if I'm hungry, I want a full meal before the flight.  Showers, man, showers.  You are lucky in that you fly out of any one of a handful of big airports.  I always have a layover, and for me, even the shortest plane ride (well, over 1 hour, I guess) makes me miserable.  I've been alternatively sweating or freezing, and I get super dehydrated.  A shower gives you a new lease on life.
What crazy rights does a tenant have to stay in a place after it's been sold?  That's fucking ridiculous.  I always just assumed that if a landlord sold his place, it's fucking too bad for the tenant (a good reason to own) after their 12 month lease expires.
New Posts  All Forums: