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There are numerous jeans that are "one wash".  If you are looking for Japanese denim, I like Oni or Momotaro, and both are found at pretty good prices at Denimio (  Jean Shop ( also do a good job.  I haven't worn those in a minute, but size down at least 1.  Those things fit large.
Bombers can work on all sorts of builds.  I've definitely seen them worn well by lean, skinny, guys.   I'm not sure that I would call any garment an "investment", but Golden Bear jackets are typically quite good representatives of that type of jacket, and not insanely expensive.
It depends on the person.  If you are pretty chill or can otherwise disengage, it's a good thing to be on a forum.  If you know yourself to be a hothead, it's always a bad idea to engage in an internet battle.   That's why a lot of designers require good public spokespeople.
Frankly, it depends on whether what Brett says. In any case, we'll start talking a new set of makeups once we get this first set out the door.  Sound good? Cheers, Fok.
I'll frame my copy.  Turn a page every month. - 15% off with code other-fifteen - 25% off layers with code LIGHT25
I'm going to go a step further and say that if your stuff is not being copied, then probably is irrelevant and of no consequence to the larger dialogue.  It remains outside of the zeitgeist, so to speak..  For consumer goods, the mark of something of consequence is that some form of the original makes its way into the common lexicon. This is the litmus test of "relevance".
I think that we're agreeing, but having some sort of communication problem.  I see that as selling a luxury lifestyle rather than "cool".  I think that it's silly, but I'm not really offended by it in any way. - 30% off $125 or more with code SPRING
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