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They'll probably tell you if they plan to restock, but they won't make one up for you...Drew is nice, but he doesn't control the factory floor.
I don't like to sell or give away old clothes. Seems too much a part of your history to let go.
No, the apache looks a bit different, but those are dope.
When you bought the item, you prevented the retailer from selling it to another customer, is another way to look at it.
You can ask for it, but they would not be wrong to say no. It is a bit cheap and mean if you know the store doesn't do price adjustments. You did get something, namely, the security of having that item. And you did go into the transaction with full knowledge of their policies.
The tannage is significantly different.  From an aesthetic standpoint, a chromepak is a much oilier leather, and as such is more matte tan chromexcel.  I've seen the natural chromepak.  It's an interesting color.  Not sure that I love it, but it is distinctive - it has a definite greencast to irl.
Impossible.  They will simply not accept any more individual MTOs.  Even the GMTO orders will require more design oversight should it ever happen again.  
Actually, all of the pieces in that fabric were awesome - I picked out something else as my favorite, but in the same fabric - that's the beauty of it.  Two people look at the same collection, recognize really good stuff, and personal tastes are the differentiating factor. But, to reiterate Greg's point - there is an insane amount of stuff out there, and it seems to be only growing.  When I went to my first tradeshow, over 16 years ago now, the shows seemed much smaller....
Traditionally, longer than needed for street use, such that the ends of the sleeve reach just past your wrist when your hands are stretched in fron of you, on a motorcycle.  Jacket made for casual use are cut more like "normal" jackets. reaching at or just blow the base of your wrist.
No, there is not, and motos from different companies are built at different lengths.  That said, the tend to be traditionally waist length.  Our is a little longer, because it's meant for street use, and is designed to hit just below the typical modern belt line.
New Posts  All Forums: