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Please not the this is not he right place to be posting about your selling a spot, or a jacket, or whatever.  You may put a link in your sig to a listing in our B&S system, but you may not say "Hey, check out the link."  I am sure you all understand the reasons for this.   One of my mods temp banned a member for doing just that.  I understand your frustrations, but the very few rules of this forum still apply.
I'd add that you have to be careful to pull downwards only.  Otherwise, you can easily get some "bell" at the hem, which is something that very few people want. Cheers, Fok.
I hated the politics, and the low pay compounded it.  I was decent at research, but I never loved it, and definitely not enough to take an opportunity to do something more exciting and interesting presented itself.  My official, government sanctioned term is "managing partner" - and I do a few other tech related things.  So, mostly, I'm still a nerd.  I was about to say "but no one cares now whether I wear my pajamas or not when I work", but you would know that that's...
Goat is great.  But it is a very pliable leather, unlike say, horse, which has a very tight grain.  With a fair bit of heavy hardware (those look like size 8+ zippers), you are invariably going to get that conforming to the shape of the zippers.  It doesn't look bad.  It just looks the way any fairly pliable leather will look. I wouldn't stress it.  Goat is tough and soft, with a great grain (looking more closely at your jacket), I can see that now).  Enjoy.  You waited...
it's lamb or in any case some leather than looks pretty lightweight and soft; you look like a skinny guy; the jacket fits fairly loosely for a rider; and that is fairly heavy hardware - and a lot of it.  It fits pretty well, but you are naturally going to get some draping around the hardware.
Yup, same as me.  We'll see what we can do.   Thanks for your patience, guys.   Cheers, Fok.
Back when I was an academic, I always had to fight the urge to write as part of "purpose of research": "Do whatever it takes to continue to get paid"and in "broader impacts": "I'll get paid and be able to pay some students as well."
Yes.  But since they are being made into pants, they are also recycled pant fabric?
Those are military pants made from recycled military pant fabric, and then overdyed black.  The ankles have drawstrings, so that you can wear them tight at the ankle or loose, on top of your footwear.  I usually wear them loose at the bottom, covering my sneakers, but that's a personal preference.  The entire mini-collection will be black with some red.  I grew up in Canada,and spend a lot of time in the Canadian wilderness in winter.  The inspiration behind these pieces...
And they fit pretty well, to boot.
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