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I have a coupon, if you want it...
We can't get the distressing, unfortunately. The recharge would also have been substantial. Really though, wear the boots into the field for a day, and they will be plenty distressed.
I'll definitely look into it. Hats are a big gap in my background. I don't know the language, the business, anything.This came! The piece is actually white, overhead indigo. Should age interestingly. Fit is spot on. The piece is slim. The size 3 fits my 5'11", 175 lb frame, a true 50 EU, perfectly, with no extra room anywhere. The material is heavier than a summer, practice hi, but is not as heavy as my double thick competition gi.
Not sure if I learned this here, but something that @Manton and I have debated from day 1: Know history, but don't feel bound by it. And of course, have fun. Don't worry too much about making mistakes. It's going to happen anyway. This will free you up to really go for it. This way, when you get it right, you'll really get it really right. Two of my favorite dressers, @Parker and @gdl203 developed their very high taste levels by being omnivorous.
I love those wider lapels and open quarters together form a really nice curved line in the jacket. The term quiet luxury is thrown around quite a bit, but it applies in this instance.
I always use a cardholder. Holds ID, a few cards, and a few bills. The own I carried for longest is my MA+:
Yeah, agree with everyone above. I may need to get a Junya version to work off of. Probably a large, possibly a medium, for my US small medium frame. You Japanese proxy guys help me out here.
I don't know if the rivet is possible, but I'll ask.
Alright. I'll be the guinea pig. I fit many sample sizes, so I'm probably a decent personto be the fit model.
While that may be true, poor data analysts often lack the competence to understand the shortcomings of the models they use, and so they cannot place the results of their analyses in proper context.
New Posts  All Forums: