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They are not as durable as technical backpacks made by brands like Mission Workshop or Chrome, or leather backpanks made from bridle leather, but the designs are nice.  The one thing that bothers me about them, and I used to do a lot of mountain stuff, so a backpack breaking was not an options, is the and of triangular reinforced stitching where the straps meet the body at he bottom of the bag,  It'a a simple enough thing to add, but a lot of Visvim stuff is not actually...
We won't be taking deposits, but we will have some samples that you can try on for size.  They will be more like a fitted 40R (my size, but fitted on me). but we can get your sorted from that.  If you are size or half a size down, it's easily enough to extrapolate.  I have a feeling you'll be a 40 in this jacket, maybe a 38, but with the waist and chest taken in a touch. We will also have the Rider Boot samples there.  Oh wait, that's not public knowledge yet...
We had beer? Also, it's jiujitsu.  MMA is just the umbrella sport.  Just sayin'. But, I mean, you can ALSO buy stuff.  That's also encouraged.  
Everyone is allowed to the event.  Of course, alcoholic beverages will be for over 21 set only, but there will be plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages as well.  Some of the brands will bring some things for cash&carry, but many of them will be primarily measuring and taking MTO/MTM/bespoke orders.  I think that we'll have things that range from affordable to "time for that second mortgage". Cheers, Fok.
Visvim.  Brands that are somewhat associated with football casuals.  Leather, in all its cool forms, from Horween to C.F. Stead to Guidi.  Sashiko.  Things dyed indigo.  Leather dyed indigo.  Sample making.
I was a big fan, though never a personal customer, of stuff like En Noir, when it came out - shortly before the HBA craze.  I thought that that "street goth" thing brought something interesting to the conversation - mixing up sneaker culture with "artisanal" culture with luxury brands into something new and, imo, rather refreshing at the time. Vetements though, I just don't see it adding to the conversation very much.  I don't see much real energy there.  Clearly, I'm in...
Very detailed.  And English and French.   I thought that Sage de Cret was a Japanese brand - never examined their tags though. Colored me interested.
It's closed, and we have been waiting forever.   Frank did email me last week saying that nearly ALL of the boots are done, including the waxed flesh ones, and that hopefully they would be shipping out... end of last week, but that means that they are imminent.  I'm going to ping them again. Sorry for all the snafus this round.  I dunno.  Pretty much everything that could have happened, did, after many rounds of nearly zero issues.
I did the travel reservations for Jasper (I will work him like a rented mule) and myself (unfortunately, also will be worked like a rented mule).  I've seen combo deals as low as $650 from the West Coast, but anything under that, make sure to sleep on the luggage with a weapon at hand.
It's going to be beautiful.
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