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Fine, the echo boot.  I will design the shadow boot.  It will be a set of boots for the lamest "dark" superheroes of all time.
Coming in 2015:  The Echo Boot by Viberg for Styleforum. designed by @Synthese (it's pretty cool, but I just have to confirm the leather). I've also asked @conceptual 4est to come up with something as well.  These boots will be offered for preorder with subsequent Viberg preorders.  No, there will be no codes, and they will not be stackable.
You seem to be about my size.  I am a sie small in the vest with just a tee underneath, and it is a good fit, trim, but far from tight.  I would guess that you are right.  A small if you wear just a sweater underneath, and a medium if you have a full sports jacket.
I saw this at the Trunk Show, and @emptym saw these yesterday.  I think that he'd back me up that this is a really good price for a really nice product.  (I was looking at the vest, he at the motorcycle jacket, which seems based after the Belstaff Trialmaster.   The overall styling, as shown, is not eally my deal, but it's really a quality garment.  I actually have been looking for a vest for a while, as some SWD guys know, and I'll definitely pick up the navy...
Hey, Great to hear from you guys.  We are going to start th auctions immediately after Thanksgiving, so, Oct 28.  I am just getting in promises of donations from vendors now. Thanks for wanting to be part of this.  Last year, we raised over $16K for the Ronald McDonald House, and it would be great to beat that this year, as we have, year afer year, for three years running now. Cheers, Fok.
That would be awesome.  The main barriers to this are to get the artwork ready (essentially, getting the dimensions and size right), and then to get it switched out.  That header section is actually sorta temperamental, and I like to do as little as possible to screw it up.  The fewer steps I have to ask the Huddler people to take, the faster (usually) it is to get something done. Cheers, Fok.
We'd have to crop it, but I absolutely would.  I'll ask if someone has time to do this.  Sorry, Tir! Cheers. Fok.
A baker's dozen.  I just checked the count for a third time for the entire order (people keep on changing their size) so that we make sure that everyone is well taken care of. Done.
Congratulations on landing that account for SS15, btw.
No, your experience with Mariano, as you have described it, is with that of a traditional stylist, in the context of a tailoring house, which I described earlier on. They can play varying roles, and advise more, or less, depending on the client.
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