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What style are you looking for?  Aero does the jackets for Nigel Cabourn, and buying them directly is a lot less expensive: http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/products.php?cat=militaryjackets
www.wrongweather.net - 35% off with coupon code WWPRIVATEBLACK35
Sorry, but this is not going to happen.  It's logistically already difficult to do these GMTOs, especially with Viberg's production capacity stretched, and I am certainly not going to open things up to changes this late into the game. The issues with catspaw have been widely documented, and I also alluded to them, that Vibrams are actually much more practical and functional.  The GMTO will stay as originally planned - the full unit if available, the heel only and the...
This.  Either that, or your need to tightly cinched waist. Otherwise. with a shorter jacket, the wind will go straight up your back and give you a frisson, and not the pleasant kind you read about in novels either.
In the meantime, everyone is updating here:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/38417/official-sales-alert-thread/42650_50#post_8197272
I hear you.  The newsletter will actually come out on Wednesday, so it's meant to catch the early sales as well. It will be in an article form rather than a thread.  This will allow us to continue to update the article, and people can enter new sales in the comments.  That way, we get the benefit of a consolidated list readily visible, and also the benefits of users submitting new sales.
You can sigh up here.  http://styleforum.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=93877761ab0ece599a2bf5a34&id=13eb8c9b4e
Someone suggest a good leather key fob.
Where to kop?
It will be in the newsletter. Hope you are signed up!
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