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Falafel are good all throughout Paris.   If you are old school like me, I always like a crepe with creme de marron.  Eat at bistros and cafes.  There is plenty of higher end, global, cuisine, and some of it is very good, but honestly, it's only marginally different from what you can get in NYC or LA or whatever major global city you want to name.  Traditional, workaday food travels less frequently. l'Eclaireur is a pretty phenomenal shop.  
If that's the case, post away.  We'd thought that it was a private number. Cheers, Fok.
We don't allow personal information to be published on the open forum except by the poster himself or herself, for obvious reasons.  If it had been a business number, that would have been different. I haven't had any personal correspondence from Shaya either.
This is global.  Unfortunately, global culture has ironically made everything boringly similar.  Coffee culture is the same in Paris as in Melbourne as in freakin' Omaha.  There are restaurants trying the same type of stuff I've eaten in New York and Paris in Moscow, Idaho. down to the style of plating.  It's definitely not bad. I mean, the food is good.  I really just wish that there was more regional variety.  But I suppose that that might be the price of instant... Extra 10% Off $150+, an Extra 15% Off Orders $300+, and an Extra 20% Off orders $400 or more. Ends 3/2.Plus, Free Shipping on Orders $150 or more.
I use an "olive" Briggs and Riley roller bag. They are solidly made, very mobile, and your back will thank you. Duffles are great for car trips, and I have a few for that, but running through an airport to catch your connection? Not so much.
I don't any jumpsuits other than one used solely for painting, but pretty much every woman I know owns a few.  They all tell me that it's incredibly hard to find ones that fit well, since the torso length and the inseam and waist placement all have to be correct.
It doesn't matter.  Look, all indigo jeans fade to show a white weft, right?  That indigo is going somewhere.  It doesn't really show on dark clothing, but if you wear the same white sneakers with dark jeans all the time, it is bound to happen.  I mean, not all denim bleeds crazy amounts, but it will all bleed to some degree.
Yes, you can easily prewash at home, and I personally always wash jeans before wear, just so they are softer from day 1.  All jeans, including prewashed ones from the store, will still bleed, because indigo is a surface dye.  But the bleeding should be less.
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