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Well, that's good.  The second, I could definitely do, though GMTOs and preorders seem to me to be quite separate from bespoke, since the former are goal-driven initiatives, and discussions about bespoke are often just discussions with no particular goal in mind.  Really, though, I'd like to see some evidence of activity and leadership among a handful of members who would actively draw other members into those discussions in CM, before I move.  To me, the proof is in the...
Yes, but this is a series of shorter threads made specifically to let newbies get oriented.
Instagram already has comments. There have bee social justice arguments against tumblr specifically because there is no real mechanism for responding to a commented reblog. No one has figured out how to have a flat conversation on a platform with a strong op. Conversely, no one has really figured out how to adequately structure a flat conversation. If someone does that, they have the potential to kill every sharing platform in the world.
I hear you, but a lot of people go into a situation with that in the back pocket, and knowing that you have it makes some people give off an air of belligerence, even if it's just subconscious. I prefer to be very accommodating until the very moment I need to not be. Best way to do that is to ask for something as a favor, rather than as something to which you have a right, no matter the circumstance. If they know you are understating your case, they are not immediately...
A good way to get blacklisted as a problem customer, and retailers do talk to each other, especially if someone threatens to sue. Generally not worth it unless the retailer is obviously deliberately trying to screw you.
You going to be all Ricked out next time I visit?
Congratulations @Linjer, you guys really deserve this. Cheers, Fok.
The first we already do for some threads in the preorder subforum.The second requires user adoption. We tried it during Pitti and Japan, but really, without more obvious visibility and better UX, or a group of core users dedicated to spreading the word, a tough proposition. And right now, only the last is a realistic solution.I also like the third, but it's an unproven concept, and there is a ton of pressing dev. I could really use a cool mill right now.
We can easily feature those threads, since good 5% of our traffic goes there, which is not insignificant. Usually results in a traffic pickup in the first 48 h. From thereon in, it depends on the thread.
Just to expand on the above.  The whole idea that "a bespoke forum would be awesome" reminds me a lot about contentions, in another interest of mine, that it would be great to have a women's jiujitsu class.  There were none, and a lot of women said that there ought to be one, so my buddy started  class, and got.... 2 participants.  One was a strong grappler who was rolling with the men anyway, and the second just couldn't deal with it, emotionally.  Even though the first...
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