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Because we can't do 10 eyelets.  The machines are tooled for 7 or 9 right now (and have been for a while), so if people propose things we can't make, they certainly can't be voted on.  For me, things like "could be 2 lasts" (which means that it's not a real, solidified makeup, or a proposal that asks for something that can't be done, is the kiss of death, since I can't possibly promise that we can make them.
I understand your concern, but an important part of each process is the accountability of each member to all the other members, since we are allowed a limited number of makeups. Heard and noted.  50 shades of grey.  Sigh.  I refuse to make that the final name of this makeup.
Hmmm... maybe that was earlier.Which members?
Well, I might if:1) More people weren't talking about the roughout side2) 10 eyelets was an option.
I will add a black unicorn one. Probably the alternative district.
I'll take a look and narrow these down over the weekend. Looks like the Hopper, several chukka and boondocker variants, and one or two derbies. That's seven or eight, to be narrowed down to 4! And, extra incentive to vote! Votes will cost $20, but will be worth a $40 credit to your final sale! Of course, one credit per pair. Spread the word that this will happen starting Monday! Cheers, Fok.
For me, getting them dirty only makes the soles look better.
Unfortunately, not yet. But it may be allowed in the future.Cheers,Fok.
You're kidding, right? The movement of that jacket is amazing, and the use of neutrals was pretty great too.  
I didn't see any blues or olives in the house, but a number 8 may be possible.  I do not know whether the number 8 would be treated so that the roughout side could be used.  (and I doubt it would be so) That's just the branded name for the partial structuring material in the toe.  I just mentioned it because I thought that it sounded cool.
New Posts  All Forums: