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30% of the asking price is sorta ridiculous.  I generally ask to do an immediate deal at 25-30% off the asking price.  The counter typically starts at 10% off, and we generally settle at 20% off the starting price.  To me, that's the typical discount that a good retailer will extend to long time customers, so it seems pretty reasonable to me.
Um.. now I'm confused.
It's not a crazy statement, at least not for the smaller brands.  There is a lot of buying power on Styleforum.  For Vibergs, for example, Styleforummarket is now among the larger stockists, and that does not even include the large number of Vibergs that are sold to Styleforum members (it's easy to see from the Viberg thread).   What about the (negative) impact that Styleforum had on Inverallan MTO sales.   Styleforum is a very large community, with many long terms readers...
Essentially, there is no way of stopping this.  I suppose that if you wash the jeans a billion times...  Indigo is a naturally unstable dye, and the darker the denim, the more it will likely bleed.
That would be cool, but honestly, a story like that would cost thousands of dollars in travel costs for a single person, plus the cost of products.  It could be done, but we'd need to be able to justify it on the basis that the readership and sponsorship that it would attract would more than offset the cost of doing such a story. If you want stuff like that to happen, probably the best thing that you can do is to subscribe to, and read, our monthly newsletters, and to tell...
We'll do this in articles throughout the season.
Topical. Our audience includes, but is not limited to, our core membership and Pitti is a node of interest. Also, in order to have an impact on the industry, there are just certain events that make sense to cover. Also, we can get dozens of stories in the single trip, so it's economical.
Probably a forcefield?
Notable trend: bulletproof vests. Best travel slippers: La Portegna. Best use of ancient porn: Isaia.
Buy ts(s). Eat at the Trattoria Armando.
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