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I've also never seen the size tag attached directly to the Margiela tag.  And I have/have seen a lot of Margiela pieces.  Typically, on a jacket, the size tag is in the inside breast pocket, along with the composition and manufacturer/s tag, or on the left hem on a knit piece.  
I've been meaning to try a pair of the Tactical pants.  Do you know how heavy they are?  I hate pants with some stretch that end up being as thin as poplin...
Just a handle of each.  It's really hard to do this stuff for SWD sometimes.  It's a lot more work and R&D and a lot harder to get buy in than in CM.  I mainly do this for the love of the things.  
Oh shit, so want this.
I like Isaora, theoretically.  In person, I've always found their stuff way too fragile for any type of real gym/outdoor use.  The designs are really nice, but the last thing I want to worry about when I am wearing tech clothing is that my pants might split.  I wish that they would use the same materials for their tactical pant, as say, Mission Workshop uses, which is super durable.  I'd be on that in a heartbeat.
So confused, so what should the title be?  I think that you "Classic menswear" should be in there somewhere, and maybe "discussion". Otherwise, it's just going to confuse people. Could you post a title, formatted first post, the url,  and @ me?  Otherwise, my addled brain will get it wrong for sure.
 I wonder if he is member/reader here (0). Low rise leggings are one of the more stupid ideas you can come up with.  For anything meant for actual physical activities, full coverage is definitely a must.  
I want sashiko pants that that are dyed by post-imperial.
I did, and just did again.  The closest thing that I could find to a "fit pic" was this: and this: The first is probably the most "natural pose" and the only thing I see is that there is more bulk below the elbow, where the armor goes.  The second is just an awkward pose and fitting that should not have left the cutting room floor. I do agree that the idea is a dubious one for a kickstarter.
How can you possibly tell from one very stylized shot? This assessment ranks up their with some cm fit critiques.
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