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www.uncleotis.com - FINAL sale up to 70% off  
Are you sure that they are actually wider?  Have you put the boots sole-to-sole and verified this?   I have the sahara (so, the unlined version of the chukka, and have not noticed such a defect.
Nice job, @conceptual 4est .  I already have something coming, and also realize that, well, Schneider, the coats being the exception, are the not best fit for my frame, but man, some nice picks.  Dammit, that Crack coat looks good.  Love me a good shawl collar.
Hmmm... I suppose so.  I like bulky footwear, but a chacun son gout, right?
Retail pricing "in the real world" has never operated the way it does now.  We are in an unprecedented age, when geographical boundaries to goods or knowledge essentially no longer exist as we understood them to, so people are playing with all types of pricing models. And this Also, Amazon is not most retailers.  They have the resources and brainpower to play with new schemes and analyze massive amounts of highly granular data to try to optimize their revenues in a way...
Yeah, it's all in your mind.  I am a size 40 jacket at 5'11" and a size 32 waist, and I wear a size 43-44 shoe, generally, and I refuse to wear dark footwear for exactly the opposite reason, I hate if if I feel that my feet look too small.  Yes, maybe I have Trump's small hand aversion.
That's not true.  If a consumer knows that something at 60% off that is not selling with only go down in price, then the consumer has an incentive to wait.  The only consideration is if that piece will sell out. However, if the price can fluctuate up or down, then the consumer may be more incentivized to buy at a higher price to mitigate the risk of the product becoming even higher priced.   I think that more likely that the prices may be changing in real time to reflect...
Or, you can get a full rig.  Tux, shirt with studs, and either a cumberbund or a waistcoat.  Bowtie.  Patent leather shoes.   I have two tuxes, neither of which are worn much, but they are unlikely to go out of style - both are fairly classic, shawl lapeled, numbers.  You can go with something fairly standard that will probably run you $1000 or so for a good one, or somewhat lower if you are willing to compromise on the quality, and don't really care that much, but want...
I think that Amazon has been playing with this "Dynamic pricing" model for a while now.  They certainly have the data to explore it, at least.  The game can be played from the retailer as well as the consumer side.
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