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denim, and a sweater, or fitted black denim, and a sweater.  I think that a blacked out sidezip would be a very versatile boot, especially in either that black horsehide, which gives it some texture.  I could see that, with pretty much ANY zipper, working with a very "smart casual" look (so, essentially what you guys are calling "dressy", a gothy ninja look. or a hybrid.
There may be some sort of suede.  I'll run that by drew.  I really don't want to blow this wide open though, since everything we do, we end up with chaos.  I'll check for some black suede, but other than that, let's keep the discussion to what we have on hand, k?  And no promises on the black suede.
Is that better than Corona?
 Find me links for someplace that will deliver in NYC, and I'll consider it.  Remember, I drink wine and liquor, and my last beer was a Corona, so... that's why I am asking for recommendations.
I guess that that is a problem if you see it as that.  To me, that is just how a western style boot is supposed to look/fit, so I don't see it as a problem, more like a characteristic of a certain style.   The stacked leather, as I understand it, only comes in that one color.  In the echo boot, it will be overdyed white, which will probably mean a variegated grey midsole, like you see on sole Guidi boots.  
He is allowing us to use the stacked leather midsole, but nothng that looks like the 3Sixteen boots, and with good reason.  I mean, c'mon people, let's not be that lame.
WE are essentially doing proposals here right now.  So far, I have the millwright, I have the short shift, I have some type of all black side zip or chelsea, though no one is really proposing anything solid on those yet.  We have an all black scout on a gloxi-sole.  That's what I have seen proposed so far... Bring them up early and often.  That's how you get supporters.  Write to your friends.  Write to your congressmen.  Write about your preferred makeup here, on your FB,...
Strongly disagree on both points. "Street look" boots are nearly always chunkier.  I mean, the 110 last is very similar in shape to the shape of the 7-hole or the Virgil, and the sole unit we've picked is actually less chunky. The chelseas look fine with anything that is not SLP tight, and even there, you just get an exaggerated silhouette, which you may or may not like, depending on personal preference.
As for the difference between natural and crust CXL, this from the Viberg site, that Guy wrote up: (https://viberg.com/blogs/journal/service-boot-crust-chromexcel)   During our last visit to Horween Leather in Chicago we noticed a pile of hides with a unique brown tone we had never seen before.  Nick, who was in the midst of giving us a tour of the facilities, explained that it was Chromexcel leather in its crust state.  Crust refers to a particular stage in leather...
That said, I could seem for a streetboot, a black bison scout boot on either the 110 or 1035 last (for a rounder toe), on a stacked leather midsole with a FULL ripple outsole.  that might look super cool.
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