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Except that the first step in evolution is to use that original garment in a new situation.  The changes to that garment happen gradually and over time.  As for "Who's surprised taking that garment and dropping it wholesale into an entirely different situation fails most of the time?", I guess that that would be me, since history has shown that the typical arc is not "failure, abort mission", but "Well, that worked.  But really, the garment needs X,Y, and Z, and not W" is...
lol.  Yes, it would be easier, but doing something positive is a better gauge of your charisma.  It's easy to get people to hate on something.  Much harder to get people enthused.  But yes, much easier.   Maybe @OccultaVexillum should go full George Costanza at the interview.
A few years ago, you'd probably have to sacrifice your balls, but the looser seat and thigh, deep taper. silhouette, is much more common and fashionalbe now, to the relief of scrotums (Scrota?) everywhere.
In any position that requires more than putting part A on part B, your ability to communicate effectively will be a key skill.  This type of exercise is a gauge of both you ability to build rapport and to engage someone in a conversation (charisma, so to speak) and your ability to clearly communicate ideas, both of which are important.  And yes, part of effective communication is the ability to organize your thoughts into a coherent narrative.  I've worked with people who...
7" hems are too large to get a consistent stack on top of boots or to get a good tuck, unless you have really large and muscular calves.  I would guess that you need to go down to at least 6.5".
That article does not purport to be about the intricacies of tailoring, though, nor does it pretend to give any advice.  It's a travel article wrapped up in a story about the author's experience at a well known tailoring house, in a city well known for it's good food and climate.   A writer does not need to have extensive experience or expertise in any specific subject to write an enjoyable article of this type, nor does a reader need any of the same to enjoy the article....
Hi,   I'm going to move your question to menswear advice.  You might get better attention for your question there.   Cheers,   Fok.
And a test of your ability to build a rapport in a short time, which is essentially the same thing.  Make it conversational, and anticipate and even ask yourself the rhetorical questions that are going to come up.  Very few people do not appreciate someone being able to see things from their vantage point.
You might just try Suit Supply (www.suitsupply.com).  They have a lot of workaday suits that should fir your budget, and several members of this forum have shown how to wear them well.
It could be the photo, in either case.  The stuff that I've seen of Matt's, in person, has a pronounced softness and roundness in the shoulders.  I really think that judging anything from Internet photos is a bit of a mistake, not because it's impossible to capture a soft silhouette on line in a flattering way, but because it's much harder to do than to capture a flattering ultra masculine, broad-shouldered and small-waisted, image, so there is a tendency for people to...
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