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Some Joe Namath style right there.
It's like Bing.  At the end of the day, you can't hang your hat on "we will pay for your shit."   Grailed definitely has some potential, and I'm impressed with the layout, which allows users to display their wares as if they were at a high end online boutique, but c'mon, they weren't going to pay your fees forever.  A possible business plan might be to cut a deal with Paypal so that sellers get a 1% cashback (payouts only coming after $100 is reached), or 1.25% credit on...
For shoes and knitwear, a lot of extant companies already do MTO/MTM.  I know that there are companies that do jackets as well.   Honestly, for me, I am wedded to RTW, at least in my casual wardrobe.  I pay for design, unique materials, etc...  I've gotten pretty good at doing MTO for footwear, and can participate in part of the design process.  But I mean, really, I am not going to design a better boot than the Viberg Service boot or the Edward Green Galway.  And in...
 This. not literally.  There was a kudu shortage/delay in getting the leather.  There were a lot of those boots made!
It's always been cool and interesting, but never particularly well made. Back in the day, I used to always choose old Jil over Margiela at Barneys outlet near Palm springs on this basis. Jill Sander was always impeccable.
Starts at 700.
Are you talking about the Sage de Cret jackets?  Kyle could style those.  Personally, I think that those would look best over a sweatshirt or light, crewneck knit, with wool "sweatpants", like @unbelragazzo has, or grey wool cargo pants with a taper, and some hightops.  The jacket could also be styled a little less "street", maybe with a rumpled white oxford and some trim trousers and heavy boots.  
Keep your eyes peeled for a new thread with the proposed makeups, within the week.  One will be the delayed copper task roughout boot based on the Cabourn boot.  We can make up to 2 more makeups.  Which two those are will depend on commited parties.     I am not going to do a public poll, since it's not an accurate representation of who actually wants to make a purchase.  Instead, after we have agreed on say, 3 or 4 possible models, I will ask commited parties to send a...
If you want a a very light brown, natural cxl is probably where you want to go. Cheers, Fok.
They are coming in the next shipment, at the same time as the natural CXL derbies.  I am hoping within the week.
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