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Just trying to salvage it.
Sure, maybe when I get back from vacation.
I think that it is at least worth a discussion in the context of the guy's style, and specfically, whether it would have been worth mentioning outside of queer identity, and if this is just tokenism.The dude is pretty basic, the queer equivalent of the girl with the crop top and high rise jeans.
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Do this. I'm on vacation, so if I have read one more post about this, that person will get 2 weeks off. Any person who retaliates will likewise get 2 weeks off. Make a dummy account, and you'll probably get a permanent ban.Cheers,Fok.
White Mountaineering Stan Smiths. But otherwise, random tech clothes.
What are you getting? Best to send an email to styleforum.net at Gmail dot com with as much info (phone, browser, etc) as possible.
Maybe look here and ask these guys: http://www.holmesreport.com/latest/article/ray-ban-the-ultimate-hollywood-accessory
Cobblers with the proper equipment can stretch the shoes about half a size. Try that.
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