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2015: Keep on getting the stuff that catches my eye and in which I can feel comfortably psychologically.
Very impressive.  Think we can hit $1000? Cheers, Fok.
Very good.  Now we are talking.  Mas, por favor.
Let's keep this moving, gentlemen. Cheers, Fok.
Light brown through medium browns, and particularly in flannels and moleskins and cords, would work great with this.  Light and mid-greys would likewise work well very well.  For this jacket, for colors, you have several options.  1) Complement the windowpane, 2) Complement the blue in the windowpane, 3) Complement the body blue.  Of course, the trousers worn should advisably have some texture to them.  The real trick here is to have a textured trouser with grey low tones,...
tbh, I much prefer this color for the bag, and if I were to win this auction, it's what I'd get:
Come support The Armoury and The Ronald McDonlad House (and get a great prize):   http://www.styleforum.net/t/443226/styleforum-2014-holiday-charity-auctions-100-of-proceeds-go-to-support-the-ronald-mcdonald-house-charities/350_50#post_7586737
C'mon guys, let's see some love for the RMHC and the Armoury.   Cheers,.   Fok.
Auction 17: "Gentleman's casual dress" package from The Armoury, approximate retail $1901: Ends Sunday, Dec 28, 10 a.m., or 10 minutes after the last bid, whichever comes later.   Today, we have a very special 2 day auction.  The Armoury has a weekender package that includes an overcoat, an overnight bag, and a flat cap.  See the details below!  A great way to help a great cause and get an entire weekend set at the same time.   Please note that the below is for...
The robot is lazy, so I updated a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: