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Um, as in, has a lug sole, or something else?  Vibergs are about as tough as you get, I suppose.  Maybe Guidi&Rosselini?  I am a big fan of those...
Forums and discussion boards work really well to bring strangers who share specific interests or concerns together.  They are like lighthouse beacons.  The problem with making a forum for work, where everyone knows each other and probably have pre-existing modes of communication is that inertia is really strong, and unless the platform is both obviously better than existing forms of communication and/or you can mandate that all or at least part of the communications occur...
This.  If you are going to do the look that @gdl203 recommends1) Go tieless, and wear a shirt that has a collar that looks great open.  I personally like Barba, but any number of companies make shirts that will work.  2) Get shoes that work with jeans.   The first is really easy. the second, seemingly hard for a lot of guys in classic menswear to get. Something like chelsea boots, or jodhphurs, or of course, chukkas/desert boots.  But not high shine double monkstraps, at...
You guys should keep an eye on this spot: http://www.styleforum.net/t/529915/the-proper-kit-trunk-show-saturday-nov-5-new-york-by-styleforum-and-aandh-magazine
Guess who's back!   We are still finalizing our vendor list, but keep your eye on this spot (which will be changing soon enough to have actual information)  For now, I'll just write that we have a bourbon sponsor, some great vendors already lined up, and that this will take place at 28 W 36th St, (the Penthouse and 11h floor of Gary's Loft), same as last time, on Saturday, Nov 5.   We will have everything from custom suits to MTO shoes to whatever Mike @Epaulet and...
For those who preordered with Styleforum, we received our packages today, but have yet to verity quantities.  That will most likely be done this weekend, at whiich point you'll be issued a second invoice via Paypal for the balance (we'll automatically adjust for the discount).  There will be just one send per week, so please pay the Paypal invoice ASAP so that we can get your pieces shipped to you without further delay.     Cheers,   Fok.
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wtf, seriously.
 Nice pick.  I haven't thought about Factotum in a few years - I saw them in New York when they showed at Capsule, and liked most of their line, but it's been a while, otherwise.
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