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Odin Spring Sale is now on.
Coggles End of Season Sale on now! | Shop up to 40% off   Slam Jam Socialism - Sale up to 40% off   French Garment Cleaners - Sale 25-40% off.
That's because we both have awesome taste.  Although I am getting my ass nailed to the wall in the "Style-off" contest with @conceptual 4est 
There are a few blowout sales that are always interesting, not just because of the low, low, prices, but because of the eclectic and plain fun inventory.  This is literally the only blowout sale that I've indulged in this summer a bunch of summer staples for my wife from Nordstrom Rack excepted. (Full disclosure - I didn't indulge that much - trips, guys called @Synthese going to Japan, other guys going to Pitti to do stuff for the forum, etc... strain the budget).  If I...
Margiela is now on sale.
This is a community - if someone compiles it, we definitely will "sticky" it.  We have limited resources for this type of thing. Cheers, Fok.
I think that it's easy to get caught up in the idea of something MTM, but the garment industry, and especially established companies like Vanson, are good at making products that fit a wide range of sizes.  I don't know if Vanson does this, but at the really big companies, specs are adjusted every year to account for new demographic information. 
 Unfortunately, no, no cordovan makeups will be allowed.     Quote:Originally Posted by Akeem boondocker with dainite. 2030 or 110. antique brass eyelets So.... re boondocker makeups, I've asked, and Brett is adamant on the boondocker additional row of stitching being kept to the actualy boondocker.  I know that other boondocker variations have popped up, but I was told that these were all agreed to before this decision was made.  We can make a natural roughout service...
Unfortunately no. The order was checked, and then ticketed, and the deposit paid, so the order is officially in production, but with so many makeups, especially, it's impossible for me to ballpark a date, other than to say that makeups generally come in 3, and more recently, 4 months from the order date.
95% of people would need no adjustments to the pattern, other than perhaps, the sleeve length.
New Posts  All Forums: