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I always go down for unlined and cashmere lined gloves.  Deerskin is qite malleable, and stretches to the hand well.  
If either of you are a size 8.5, lay off.
My wife and I went out drinking on Day 2 of one Pitti.  I was fine, but she was forgot to drink any whater, and drunk/hung over until about dinner the next day.  She was supposed to be taking photographs, which is why the pictures for one day last year look like they were taken by someone standing on an old train.
The most formal of jackets are still ventless, though... Evening suits are traditionally made ventless because the only place you are going to park your butt is in your seat.  
Darker.  That shot is really overexposed.
I'd be more interested in how to grow a man beard.  I want to go to Pitti with a respectable one.
That's actually not all that inaccurate.  I wouldn't say that it's the majority of people, but a lot of people seem to have come to fashion via rather circuitous routes.  It might just be modern careers, which, on average, change courses a lot more than they used to, ever.
Oh, right, I get it.  Because I have a lot of belts.  Funny.     Die. 
Honestly, if these were just a size larger, I'd get them just to style on fools next Pitti.  I'd stick my left boot on the wall, expose my balls, and surf the forum until my picture appears on it, and a member posts "What a clown."
I feel that vents are extraneous on most modern jackets.  There is simply no need for a vent on a jacket that is not meant for riding.  I think that if I got on a horse, with my skill, I'd be jumping up and down the rest of the day, trying to get everything back to where nature meant things to be.. And it's even more extraneoous on a jacket that is shorter than about 30" in the back.    Most modern jackets are 29" and less, which, on a 5'11" man (i.e. me).  On a shorter...
New Posts  All Forums: