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With the lighter leather, like the Italian Grey Calf, I default to unstructured toe, because the structure can sometimes show through (not always, but it can) in a way that I don't love.
Very different boots.  Personally, the Gandalf is going to be the one that is harder to get every again, since the calf is limited.  That's just my opinion.  The black unicorn is pretty awesome as well.
Gandalf has pulled ahead of The Hopper (you Hopper dudes better get on there), and the Hopper and the Italian Greyhound are now neck and neck.  Every other horse has decided that it's time for tea.
Well, while my personal style is about as far from Versace as you get, I do agree with Gianni Versace's rejection of the idea of "good taste".
The Hopper is off to an early lead.  The Gandalf is trailing a distant second.  Nothing else even on the horizon yet.
Not unless Viberg runs out of leather, which can happen with the more limited leathers.
Before. They close for Christmas, which is a while off.
I've decided to lower the voting period to one week. So about 3 weeks. Purchasing will probably conclude at the end of July.
You guys should just vote instead of waiting until the last minute, for real.  I should just make the voting period a single week or something.
There are pictures of the leathers in the first post of the thread.  They are altogether different leathers.  It's not so much darker as a much darker toned, less bright, leather.
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