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Very detailed.  And English and French.   I thought that Sage de Cret was a Japanese brand - never examined their tags though. Colored me interested.
It's closed, and we have been waiting forever.   Frank did email me last week saying that nearly ALL of the boots are done, including the waxed flesh ones, and that hopefully they would be shipping out... end of last week, but that means that they are imminent.  I'm going to ping them again. Sorry for all the snafus this round.  I dunno.  Pretty much everything that could have happened, did, after many rounds of nearly zero issues.
I did the travel reservations for Jasper (I will work him like a rented mule) and myself (unfortunately, also will be worked like a rented mule).  I've seen combo deals as low as $650 from the West Coast, but anything under that, make sure to sleep on the luggage with a weapon at hand.
It's going to be beautiful.
Bistro burger for you, sir.  Or steak au poivre,  or steak frites.  Please don't order the quinoa burger...
I think that I'm going to ask all the trucks to be here around 9:45 a.m., so we'd start set up at around 10.  The strike is going to be the tough thing.  I want to get everything broken down in an hour, which is quite doable.  Anyone who helps with strike, I will buy you a dinner at a good bistro that all honestly working me deserve after an... hour of carrying heavy things.
Please, guys, RSVP here: http://theproperkit.splashthat.com/   It'll really help us.  Though I would love to, I feel that eating a full dish of lobster mac would not be good for me, so help us plan food and drink accordingly.   Cheers,   Fok.
I can see mac and cheese and essentially, chicken wings.  I could do that.  Gonna avoid anything green and uncooked, I think, in November.  This is NOT going to be crossfit friendly food.
I find a lot of "designers" to be boring - it's an insular world, and there is nothing very raw or unstudied in it.  It's self-congratulatory and the same ideas just get rehashed over and over again.  I find myself much more drawn to makers who are part of specific subcultures, whether it's football casuals or NYC punks or Japanese Rockabillies, or whatever.  
You need to embrace "streetwear", outside of the context of "designers who are inspired by streetwear".  To me, things like Garbstore (the guy who used to design One True Saxon is the designer) - and that comes to mind only because of the last post, are a lot less synthetic.
New Posts  All Forums: