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For me, getting them dirty only makes the soles look better.
Unfortunately, not yet. But it may be allowed in the future.Cheers,Fok.
You're kidding, right? The movement of that jacket is amazing, and the use of neutrals was pretty great too.  
I didn't see any blues or olives in the house, but a number 8 may be possible.  I do not know whether the number 8 would be treated so that the roughout side could be used.  (and I doubt it would be so) That's just the branded name for the partial structuring material in the toe.  I just mentioned it because I thought that it sounded cool.
I believe that we can do it with "partial structure", which is more suitable for us anyway. 
Seriously, get new laces though.  I think that at that thickness, to replicate the look, kangaroo laces are probably best: http://www.davidmorgan.com/product_info.php?products_id=482 Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it in a lesser quantity...
And... affiliate of the week.  I think that this thread deserves some attention.  Gagliano&Co bespoke is right up the alley of what Styleforum wears.  And from the looks of that beach/dinner jacket, something even more awesome.   Cheers,   Fok.
The leather is a lot better, or at least, more interesting.  The Workboot line is great if you want a workboot for construction or firefighting or whatever, but they neither have that "vintage workwear" nor "fashion" feel that the boots on Viberg.com have, and are the reason that people seek them out.
Never. It's a boot that already looks beat. Let it get beat and stained more.
So, the Route 66 is the makeup that I started with... so clearly behind that.  I also like the horse on crepe or chunky leather sole.
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