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Only the most bland and the most outlandish pieces are the most "timeless" and "classic".  Changes in textiles, small differences in cut, easily date a piece of "classic" clothing.  Dad jeans will probably always be with us.  And FBTs are some wierd looking shoes that, Kanye aside, don't really fit into any time period.  So, if you want something really timeless and classic, wear dad jeans with a pair of FBTs (5).
I'm actually doing a jacket with essentially the same features (not unique to any brand) with Luxire that should be quite affordable, and I'm hopeful that Luxire will be able to get to a very good price/quality ratio as well as a good fit.  That is essentially a stripped down UK style rider jacket.  The classic American perfecto styles have epaulet/passants, amd typically also has a coin poclet and belt.   One of the most famous UK configurations is like the above, but...
Sophnet does a lot of collaborations, and for those, it's just the typically quality of the brand they have collaborated with.  I like Sophnet's designs, and have some pieces myself, but the quality is generally pretty indifferent.  The workmanship, materials, and trims, especially at US retail prices, is usually somewhat disappointing.  With the weak yen though, it's as good a time as any to buy.
I'll both laugh and find it really stupid.   Happens a lot.
So many jokes.  So easy.  Must resist.
 Not to belabor the obvious, but we have about 2 weeks to get all preorders in: http://www.styleforummarket.com/monitaly/
It seems that Hedi is going to do the same thing that he did in his Dior Homme days, which is to style specific celebrities, and that this will be used as marketing to actually sell the clothes.  After all, he was not hired to do a vanity project.  He is at SLP because he brings cachet and $$$ to the company.  I could easily see the couture pieces going to extremely wealth patrons, as has always been the case with Couture, and then RTW version being made to sell to the...
 More and more entries.  Remember, you have a week left to potentially win a Kent Wang Bauhaus watch: http://www.kentwang.com/misc/bauhaus-watch-v3-white.html
Please stop. You did something dumb, and people are going to razz you about it for a while. Then people will forget, for the most part. Occasionally, someone will still bring it up. That's life. Just deal.
It's pretty to wear deliberately ill fitting vintage tees, like old band tees, but a bespoke crappy tee is pretty next level.
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