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Okay, and remember that I am going to take a weekend off to spend with my family, so it's possible that I don't get to your questions, but these are the options for the heavy boots (which we can used for stitchdown construction) and then the possibilites for a city boot (chelsea or sidezip) and which can be used for Goodyear welted boots.  These are the options that Drew and I came up with based on the discussions here.   1) Heavy boot leathers for the "tough boot" that...
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Ask, and ye shall receive.  Once again, they will be waiving the MTO fees for MTOs, at the Trunk Show in person only. Cheers, Fok.
I'll see what we can do. Tobacco Chamois is out (that was the reason we needed to get the last Hopper boot makeup changed), and I don't know how much aged bark there is.  I will need to talk to Guy, Drew, and Brett, about possible leather choices in the mid to dark brown spectrum for you guys.
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The aged bark is really nice as well - it's got a warmer, deeper feel, imo.
Sooo goood.  They are true ass kicker boots.  I think that they weigh in at over 2.5 lbs a boot.
I'm actually at least get it to a vote.  Like I said, we've had several 310 proposals, but they have never gone to production because there have never been enough people committed to a specific makeup, precisely because it is a specialty last that will not get much support outside of those who are vocal about them here. There were proposals about this boot well before the crust leather was brought up.  I'm not sure why we need to add an additional complication that did not...
Then maybe.  I'm not say no until I get a definitely yes, though.  So let's not discuss it at all as an option until that time.  The 310 is already enough of a pain to deal with, and it has never yielded a boot, so let's not muddy the waters even more right now.
Crust we will not get to do stitchdown, so let's not go down that road.  The brown oil tan, as long as that is in stock, is definitely a stitchdown leather.  Maybe the Vintage Mocha, or if you guys want to go down another road, brown waxed flesh.   Cheers, Fok.
New Posts  All Forums: