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"Mustang roughout"
http://thegreat-divide.com/ - Grab 20% Off all items at the store with the code GIMME20 - Ends at midnight on Monday. Fill your boots!      www.other-shop.com - As a thank you to our valued OTHER/family old and new, we thought we'd show our appreciation in a way you can make use of!  We've got 25% off selected styles until Midnight on 1st May.   http://www.thenextdoor.fr/ - 30% off jackets and vests.
They don't link up.  All the news is here!  The storefront, and your account there, is where everything is kept organized. Cheers, Fok.
I feel like I might need to vote for Clags if only because I wear blue nearly exclusively (I am not sure that grey and black count as colors).
Yup, 110.  I think that for the boot, the last was a great choice.  A lot more substantial than the 2030 or the 1035, which I like as well.  But if you guys like Cabourn's clothing, nearly none of it is anything less than substantial.
Viberg for Styleforum "Cabourn inspired" boots.  Bam.        
And... some pictures of the Cabourn inspired boots that went out in the mail today.  One pair is hanging out waiting for additional shipping info.  But everyone else should get theirs reaaaaaaallllly soon now.    
I like them, fwiw.  The look and feel are different from Converse (which I also occasionally wear, and wore for years), and the materials *are* better.  
I think that there are two paths possible.  One is the scenario above: a suit becomes a true costume.  For me, a more desirable route is for the suit and the sportsjacket to become, like many workwear and military garments, an inspiration and a point of reference rather than as a garment that only exists for a very narrow function, that that follows a set of narrow strictures, like the wedding gown.  Freed from any strictures, it can take on a new life.  There are many...
New Posts  All Forums: