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If you are in the richtext editor, hit "less".Consumption is global.
You'll be fine. I am not huge, but have larger than usual legs from decades of kickboxing, and even the slim legs, sized up, are not that slim.
I don't have a judo belt, but I have a few others I could use.I'd have to get a white gi though. I've worn a blue one for the longest time.
Or, and I am going to do this, get a gi bottom, and overdye it blue, then black.  That's what I am going to do.
I stupidly waited to pull the trigger on the tweed jacket, and now it's gone. If someone returns it, I want it. Sigh. This happens to those who are lame like me.
it is.
Yes, I have, a lot.  We've been married for over nine years now.  And I know her tastes pretty well.  I've done styling work in the past, and I know how to calibrate my tastes to those of a client.  I'm not worried about that at all. Makes me think that it is a good piece.   Incidentally, I am getting her a ring for Christmas as well.  It's an idea.  It might be personally costly, but I've proved myself willing to pay a disproportionate amount, in the past, for a moment of...
MY wife has nearly exactly that exact skin tone - sorta generic white American - so it should probably work for her.
Hey David,    Could you post some heavy tweeds from whereever (would appreciate if you put in notes as well)?  Planning to bid on the holiday auction, and want to have some inspiration to drive me.   Cheers,   Fok.
To clarify, "oatmeal" was autocorrected from "boatneck".  Android doesn't care about fashion, evidently.
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