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They should be shipped soon.  We switched carriers because Fedex has been consistently screwing up our customs forms.
You should buy a pair of jeans because they fit well, and the fabric is interesting.  Are they more durable?  Well, than what?  Sure, they are usually more durable than a pair of crap jeans from Walmart, which is made as cheaply as possible.  On the higher end, there are all sorts of bells and whistles, but for me, it ends up being mostly about the fabric. While I would never advise anyone to look at a pair of jeans as an investment, I will recommend Momotaro jeans.  The...
Yes, and that's the plan, yes! Cheers, Fok.
I'll be in, though I it turns out that I will actually have to leave before the actual dinner, it seems.  That's just how I roll.  (So, actually, I need to be back home on Sunday morning for a family commitment).  That said, I will bring some really fine  whiskey from The Cask (http://www.caskstore.com/) to the trunk show, and I would encourage everyone to come, have a drink with me, and see if Mike can't talk you into a pair of ostrich skin sneakers, like a real P.I.M.P....
ALL ORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED.  We have reached out limit.  You're all animals.     The only possibility of the orders opening up again is if I get any news from Viberg that we cannot    All the pre-deposit refunds will go out once the orders are finalized, since doing so before hand present some difficulties.  They will be processed though.   The fat boot and echo boot predeposits will NOT be done at this time, unless a voter specifically asks for the refund.  The...
I haven't really figured out the logistics of this yet, but yes, the Fat Waxed will have a spot in the top 3.   Er... you just gotta keep on checking back, man.  The announcement for a new set of makeups will also be made in the general Viberg thread as well as in a new thread.  You can also subscribe to the Viberg tagged page: http://www.styleforum.net/tag/viberg/threads if you realllly don't want to miss out on things.
This pretty much nails it.  It happens with Japanese brands as well, to the point that a customer's loyalty to a particular retailer trumping the price difference, especially in the current retail climate, is very low.  I do it with some retailers with whom I have a longstanding relationship, but it makes it tough for the retailer, certainly.  I do think that the brand should offer prices that don't compete with their own retailers, but that's not my business decision to...
I'll look into it.
Wow, you guys don't mess around.  We are now 4 away from our quota.  A few spaces might open up if and only if we can't make all of the Bison boots, but otherwise, it's order now, or forever hold your peace.
Man, everyone is killing it today.
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