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I'd guess, as a whole, a lot more.  But we'll see.  If we actually knew, we'd probably have a much better chance of being jabillionaires.
I don't think that I ever ran it, but I will.
That's per square foot?
You're reading way too much into it.
He may as well add in a 1000 sqft little loft for me.  I'm sure that it would go for a few mil in the current market.
Ideally, we need 4000 sqft of usuable space.  I think that we could do it with as little as 3000 sqft, but with the number of vendors, that is already getting pretty thick. We've been looking exclusively at the Union Square area, which has good walk by appeal, and is easy to reach by public transportation.
Jun does make a 5, which corresponds to a 40, pretty much, or a smaller 42.
People wanting something on the 310 last, get some consensus on the leather, please.  I have one spot open for that. out of the top 7.     Remember that we are not going to make all 7, either.  It will come down to the vote, so tell all your friends to get their $730 or so ready.  (That is just a guess based on previous estimates.  I have no exact numbers for any of these makeups yet.   Cheers,   Fok.
Currently still in the running (I killed the derbies.  There seems to be zero momentum behind them):   1. The "Echo Boot" by @Synthese  - inspired by Hoth.   Model: Scout boot Last: 2030 Leather: Off-white smooth Guidi leather ("bone") Leather (tongue): white roughout Eyelets: 7 white Sole: White mini-ripple sole Comments: unstructured toe, plain-toe, white edge paint, tonal stitching, pull tab (smooth bone leather)   HOF Remake! 2. The Tan Bison mini-ripple...
Hmmm... looks like the Navy Latigo is going to be in the mix.  So, someone must lose.  I just have to decide who...
New Posts  All Forums: