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Hey Australians,   Fok here.  This thread is getting too long, or rather, has been too long for a while, to load well.  I'm going to lock it, and take the last 50 posts or so, as the "seed" for a new Australians thread.  And then I'll post a link to that thread as the very last post in this thread.   Is there anyone who should be the "first poster" in the new thread?  I plan to do this at the end of the week!  So please tell me who you'd prefer to be the "first poster"...
It's going to be a straight up MTM.  We got the samples right, and we'll grade from there.  I will post some pictures with the measurements that need to be made in order to dial in the fit for you.  Truthfully though, I don't think that unless you are a very unusual body type (if you are a powerlifter, an NBA center, etc....) that it's a great idea to deviate too much from the graded pattern.  
I may do one sometime in the future, but I would need to adjust the proportions on details quite a bit, change the pockets around to be a more American style, etc...  For now, we are going to offer the moto and the rider, and allow people to adjust the measurements, and for the moto, subtract pockets (I wouldn't suggest this, but it can be done without really messing up the balance) etc...  We can also take pockets off of the rider jacket, but it's really not something...
Thought that I'd throw this in here.  I'm stoked. Three samples of this jacket later, I'm happy with the fit, the balance between all the details, the hardware, everything. I'm going to tell @luxire that the moto is ready to go to market.      The double rider is also ready. The final sample requires that the hem be taken in 1/2"-1" for the standard fit, but other than that, it's ready as well. 
I dunno if you can tell from that photo, but the shoulders fit completely flush, and there is no gathering under the armpit, which sometimes happens if the shoulders are not cut well.  The collar fits flush on the neck, but because of how well the shoulders are cut, it doesn't make my long neck look long at all.  Hardware is all Talon, which makes, imo, some of the best jackets for leather jackets.  This is definitely a very well balanced jacket.     Of all the samples...
For anyone who cares, the latest sample of our collaborative project with @luxire is came today, and it is perfect.  I don't think that I want anything changed on this particular jacket. The fit is perfect.  For myself, I'm going to get this jacket done in a heavier hide, but for anyone wanting this jacket for spring, this is a good weight and hide for you.   A quick and not very good (well, just down right bad) cellphone picture just to show the fit:   Oh right, my...
Welcome, and while the collections are already linked, it would be great if you could post them here as well.  We reach a different audience than SZ, and I'd hate to see someone miss out on our collection because they didn't click a link.
 @Chinorlz - how did you source that fabric?  I would love to work with that material myself.   Incidentally, I think.... leather scissors might be a good tool with which to cut that material.  It can cut through 12 ounce leather frighteningly easily.  I've never tried cutting fabric with a surgical scalpel, though.
I'd agree with that as well - it's a model that is most useful to a specific type of customer.  However, I think that for the retailer and the vendor, it's a complete win.
You'll look like a French Mick Jagger, circa 1975, which is excellent.
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