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I've only seen an A-2 once, and never inspected it in detail. It looked good on Synth, is all I call say.
Yes, mtm, but no muslin Afaik. In any case, given the drastic differences in fit depending on material, I don't feel that a muslin fit would better the fit much, but would increase prices and lead times. I am a firm believer in post manufacture alterations being the best way to tweak the fit.
The internet is not always right.
Most of it is retargetting, but yours is a particularly hilarious case.
In fashion related thoughts, it is actually cool enough to wear a leather jacket today. First week in months. Feels nice.
Emphasize the loss,of money, not what you lost it on. No one likes getting ripped off.
The vacancy rates for some of the units was something like 5%, so factoring that into rents seems relatively low and easy. However, it seemed like a business where you can easily get nickeled and dimed to death.
Not sure that there is a good solution to the bolded part. While I lived in the Boston area, I got to know my landlord reasonably well. We had to move in November, and he wa glad to have us, at that time two postdocs with a child, because by November, nearly all "desirable" renters have found a place. He specifically wanted to rent to grad students and postdocs and young faculty, since these represented the majority of low risk, low problem, renters. A lot of people...
I was looking into this for a bit - starting with a four unit or a ten unit, and after a fair bit of research decided that I had enough headaches to need to take on an an additional expensive and frankly, low margin, one.
1) Practicality - ease and security of storage/2) It makes the fit a bit more forgiving.  With unzipped, you can easly get stretching, or gaping if the jacket is just a bit too long, a but too tight, whatever.
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