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Super pleased to be working with Ron @RIDER, Styleforum OG and shoe expert extraordinaire.   I will fill this out later with model and make details tomorrow (when I am coherent), but for now, know that they will go for $465 (retail $600) for the calf and calf/suede models, and $950 (vs retail $1200) for the shell models.  There are 12 iterations possible, here: http://www.styleforummarket.com/rider-boot-1/   And here are some pictures of them (below).   They will...
Welcome, Parker. Cheers, Fok.
I'm going to move your thread to Menswear Advice, where it might get more looks. Cheers, Fok.
I think that's not an indicator of an overall fallout, but it is an indicator that people are not particularly confident in the economy.
www.lindelepalais.com Mid-season sale  
Flatshop Mid-season sale 30% off tees and sweaters.  
www.billyreid.com Spring Sale up to 50% off  
I think that this - making your question more specific, would really help.  There is nothing particular objectionable about the clothes you linked to, nor anything particularly controversial about your views.  So I'm just at a bit of a loss on what sort of feedback to give, other then "Yeah, stuff looks okay,.  Not great, not terrible, but okay.
If you looked at our instructionals, an this one in particular: http://www.styleforum.net/a/should-i-wear-a-tuxedo-if-my-groomsmen-are-wearing-navy-business-suits you'd read that it's generally considered in ill form to dress above your groomsmen.  They don't need to "match", but they should be of similar formality. It's 2016, and pretty much anything goes, but this is the canonical answer.
A full Windsor is going to make too big of a knot for that.  Do a half Windsor.  It will give you the symmetry you are looking for, but not have a huuuuuge knot: http://www.ties.com/how-to-tie-a-tie/half-windsor
New Posts  All Forums: