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We are just doing the Hopper boot this round.  We'll see about the 310 lasted boot.  It doesn't fit with what we've been doing so far, and any initiative to have one done has always died on the vine...
I see, so something like this: http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/clothing/suits/maco-suit-42r-2328.html   I can find a lot of those, at a lot more than $250 though.  At $250, you'll have to be specific with size, etc..., because you'll have to look for bargains.
Well, in terms of what you personally would want to wear, sure, and I never commented on that.  But in terms of a good balance between artistry and punk, this is a really well executed, and the piece is not overdesigned, which is no always true of this style.  Pieces have to be assessed with as little personal bias as possible.  So, "to each his own" works if you are talking about personal aesthetics, and much less so when you are discussing the artistry of a piece.
It looks better than just okay, man.
I could see a pop up as an advertising tool.  But I don't see how they could make enough sales to make this store profitable in and of itself. On the other hand, the merchandise is fun and cheap, and I could see it doing decent volume.   I think that it's funny that they couldn't call this a "Yeezy" pin: 
We haven't made one yet, since they've all been leather samples to date. Cheers, Fok.
Finally, it's pretty clear to any native English speaker that though your English if very good, it's probably not your native tongue.     This, for example: "Watch - Aesthetic and Elegance Timepiece. Design - Handmade Italian Leather Watch Dial. Amiable - Most Affordable Price."   Is riddled with errors and idiosyncracies associated with non-English speakers.  Even your initial post here has some oddities of speech, but that is forgivable, since this is a forum....
Also,    4) Use consistent samples.  Look at this picture:     Some of the watches have the crown at 9:00.  Others at 3:00 (the yellow one.)  You don't think that people aren't going to notice?  And this is repeated throughout the kickstarter.  Here, for example:       5) Take out any styling that just detracts from your core message.  This, for example:   Comes out of nowhere, and you have some odd picks for pants (mto jeans?) and footwear (serious, if...
1) This is not actually allowed on the forum, but since this is my forum, I'm going to allow it, just because there are a few issues with this kickstarter that are an interesting case study.   2) Problem 1: Way too many gimmicks: i) The face is leather.  Okay, that could be cool? ii) Wait, we decided to emboss a very visible and not particularly attractive design on the leather. That's a gimmick too far. iii) My bad, make that 2 gimmicks too far.  My first thought...
I should remind you guys that you may only mention sales of your own if they are listed on the Styleforum B&S, not elsewhere.   Cheers,   Fok.
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