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I don't any jumpsuits other than one used solely for painting, but pretty much every woman I know owns a few.  They all tell me that it's incredibly hard to find ones that fit well, since the torso length and the inseam and waist placement all have to be correct.
It doesn't matter.  Look, all indigo jeans fade to show a white weft, right?  That indigo is going somewhere.  It doesn't really show on dark clothing, but if you wear the same white sneakers with dark jeans all the time, it is bound to happen.  I mean, not all denim bleeds crazy amounts, but it will all bleed to some degree.
Yes, you can easily prewash at home, and I personally always wash jeans before wear, just so they are softer from day 1.  All jeans, including prewashed ones from the store, will still bleed, because indigo is a surface dye.  But the bleeding should be less.
I wear all black everything, in the gym.  Sometimes dark blue.  It just makes everything super easy to put together.  Nike, underarmor compression, and Northface pants and shorts.  Um, or a gi, or specialized fight gear.  The rashguards, in particular, do make a difference.  The Nike Combat stuff is okay, and is often super breathable, but doesn't really last as well as some more specialized brands.  
Gym clothes too?
Also tees, sweats, and henleys. I mean, who has time to hang dry that stuff?
I like snow as much as the next guy, but it's nearly March, and I've grown soft.  Plus, I injured my knee yesterday, and limping through snow is really no fun.     RFT: Treads are not that important in snow.  On ice?  A completely different story. - and extra 15% with code ECLIPSE
There are numerous jeans that are "one wash".  If you are looking for Japanese denim, I like Oni or Momotaro, and both are found at pretty good prices at Denimio (  Jean Shop ( also do a good job.  I haven't worn those in a minute, but size down at least 1.  Those things fit large.
Bombers can work on all sorts of builds.  I've definitely seen them worn well by lean, skinny, guys.   I'm not sure that I would call any garment an "investment", but Golden Bear jackets are typically quite good representatives of that type of jacket, and not insanely expensive.
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