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It's a pretty versatile look.  It is both really street and of the moment, but also has a really outdoorsy, functional feel.  Put it this way.  If you can wear the tan bison, you can definitely wear a ripple sole.  I can see them with either like, a WWM or similar hunting jacket, and some duck canvas pants, or, the way I will wear them, a sashiko jacket, antifit jeans with a taper and a sort of wrapped belt.
Well, that would leave me with enough money to buy myself a pair of boots, then.  Yes, it's that popular. *****BREAKING NEWS****** Chromepak pulling ahead.  It's like that movie, with the horses.   Gentleman's shitkicker, Blue collar shitkicker, Cabourn inspired boot, and The Sleek Hunter Bison boot all neck and neck now.  If this continues, I am going to have to seriously consider seeing if we can't do more than three boots.  
Um, Viberg is not a lacs company.  But, for you, and you only, I will cover the price of a spare set of laces if you can find out a good place to buy them. Well, Viberg is going to be getting in a big batch of chromepak, and we are going to be earliest to the game, and matching it to the olive chromepak, so..  Nice try though  
Early polls have the chromepak leading by a awide margin, with the Cabourn and the Sleek Hunter neck and neck.   Shitkicker people (both gentleman's and Blue collar), get your votes out.  Natural CXL is going to need a surge to be in the "respectable" range.   Here is the current positioning: 1.  The Chromepak brogued cap-toe service boot 2.  The Cabourn Inspired Boot 3.  The "Sleek hunter" Tan Bison Ripple Sole Scout boot 4.  Vote for: the Blue Collar...
The boots generally come out to between $715 and $750, shipped worldwide.  However, in this round, we have at least one candidate that could potentially tip the $800 mark,  The Gentleman's shitkicker is made from French calf, which is among the most expensive leathers (it has to be imported from the tannery, and is the same leather hermes uses, so go figure), and it has more details, like the brogued captoe, which further drives the price up.
Oh, so now you are going to go fiscally responsible on us. I went with the Bison as well.
If someone wants to buy 2+ pairs, they can vote twice  Some have already indicated that they will do this, and history shows that some members do buy multiple pairs, per round of makeups. However, I will keep a close eye on this, and if someone appears to be voting many times, for many boots, I will contact them directly and see if they actuially intend to buy 10 pairs, or whatever.  If so, I will probably require a good faith deposit.   You won't be able to see the votes...
Okay people.  I am going to get lunch.  I think that everything is in order now!  Enjoy voting.   Cheers,   Fok.
I dunno man.  Other people are definitely having their payments processed.  Maybe you paypaled out and didn't even realize it?  PM me your name and email, and I'll check the system.
 You get your $20 back.  The $20 is just to dissuade the tirekickers.  I figure that if you really want a boot to get made, putting down $20 for a week, to vote, is not going to put anyone out of their way.
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