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Maybe look here and ask these guys: http://www.holmesreport.com/latest/article/ray-ban-the-ultimate-hollywood-accessory
Cobblers with the proper equipment can stretch the shoes about half a size. Try that.
One more thing to consider is how tight they are, and how much thigh rubbing there is.     Denim is much more abrasive than say, worsted wool pants, so if your jeans are tight and/or you don't have super skinny thighs, they are going to abrade more quickly than smoother materials.   That said, if you wear any single pair of pants every day for 8 months in a row, they are likely to wear down.  I
I personally love mixing up blues, so I wear my blue leathers with blue jeans.  That said, you have to have the right jeans for that.  Something that has dark low tones work best - a pair of jeans with black weft typically works.  A lot of Japan Blues and Momotaro jeans carried by Blue Owl has that.  Anything "bright", i.e. a lot of red in the indigo will look pretty off.  Black jeans also work with that color.
www.ln-cc.com an addditonal 20% off sale with code SS16CLEARANCE20 at checkout.  
Showing lack of google fu: what is the website?
 More like separate your head from your shoulders. I have been in Union Made many times, and as a natural 155 lber (walking around at 165 lean, and 175 now, NOT lean, or a big 145 lber) in my unspectacular career, I am pretty sure that I am still among the bigger guys there. Based on the fact that Chuck is probably walking around at 225 or so, healthy, so, a full 60 heavier than the lean me, my guess is that Chuck would separate one guy's head from his shoulders, and...
The BJJ one is pretty hefty - I have two pieces in it.  The chore jacket, which I painted, and the longer coat that @Synthese wears in some of his WAYWT pics.  I was just wondering if this is heavier or a tighter weave, or harder yarns, etc...  It's hard to tell from online pictures.  We'll see, I guess.
Want - either this or the leather jacket lined in this sashiko.  I really wonder how heavy this is though.  The "heavy" sashiko that Blue Blue Japan uses for some pieces is about 21 ounces, and a fairly tight weave.  The stuff that Luxire has in stock is also 21 ounces, but a much looser weave.  I wonder what this will be.  Would be interested to see whether this is even heavier, or just the same and a tighter weave, etc... There is some very heavy sashiko used for some...
I am moving this to menswear advice.  In my limited experience, most Dolce&Gabanna shoes run about a 1/2 size large.
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