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I think that it's a losing battle to care too much about what other people wear.  Just take it as a complement.  The Perfecto is the leather jacket of choice for the past few years, but the moto has been popular forever (aka the safe choice - that's what I wear a lot).  I also really like leather jackets in the Type III jean jacket style, and once I get over summer expenses (mostly, 10th year anniversary coming up, and sapphires are expensive), I'm going to get a custom...
I wear mine around in the summer when it's too hot to think about fashion.  Summer sucks so bad.
June 12-19.
I like the vest, but, fwiw, that vest is not "grey", it's a black/charcoal and white/ecru herringbone, which is not a neutral as, say, heathered grey with very little blue in it.  It is versatile, but it's not a flat neutral that works with "anything".  I'm a color guy too, though not one as actually said that my abilities are remarkable.  And I only have about 15 years in the industry in any capacity.
Well, if you really wanted to know the answer, you could have just asked me.  His partners and financial backers are a Japanese company.  Sometimes, the answer really is that simple.
Sapphire ring for my wife for our upcoming 10 year anniversary.  Also, hotel reservations.     Also, gearing up to do a photolog at Viberg in June, about the same time @Synthese is in Japan doing whatever stories he has planned.  Will probably also do a "3 days in Vancouver" story.  Any stores you guys want me to see?  I usually do Roden Gray and Haven, and sometimes Gravity Pope.  Brooklyn Clothing Co and Neighbor will also be on my list this time.  Anything else, guys? 
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Not sure, but the owner of Corridor store is a poster here.  @urbanwoodsman ?  What do you have for us at www.thecorridorstore.com/
New Posts  All Forums: