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Yes, the same rule generally applies to sportscoats.
lol.  Luckily, I can move them, which I will.  I have a ton of SF tabs up first thing in the morning.  About 1/2 are for personal fun (like this one), the other for doing things like posting the day's sales.
www.francesmay.com and extra 15% off sale with code LASTCALL  
www.brooksbrothers.com Labor Day Clearance Event up to 60% off.  
www.clubmonaco.com - and additonal 40% off for up to 60% off sales and clearance with code FAREWELLSUMMER  
To be fair, you live in the Bay Area, the home of tech startups and other dubious life choices.
1) Am going to wear my Robert Geller "Richard" pants today, which are essentially glorified track pants.  Will love it. 2) There are better and worse sweatpants.  Whether you like the trend/style or not, there are certainly better sweatpants and worse ones.  Same for rubber soled shoes.  These are among the worst.  If you want a pair of shoes that are comfortable and easy to slip on, brands from Common Projects to Bottega Veneta make them,  If you want to be more "dressy",...
Let's do this.
Guidi Trekking boots from www.idolbrooklyn.com ( http://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/guidi/products/guidi-gray-modulated-reverse-bison-leather-trekking-boot?variant=23383062017)   I really like the look of these, but a lifetime of wearing heavy hiking boots for backcountry and non-technical mountain hiking makes me allergic to thinking of these as 1) fashunz 2) comfortable.  I suppose they'd be okay if you were sitting around for most of the day, but I can't imagine...
I have a old, busted KVA knit jacket which is prettty good.  The Robert Geller Richard varies a lot from season to season.  I have a 2012 one of 100% polyester which feels very substantial and durable.  Others, much more drapey and less so.
New Posts  All Forums: