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Lol. Let's sorta kinda keep this on topic.
CM is TV.  SWD is the internet.   It's intimidating, imho, primarily because there is relatively little programming.
My wife (Jen) likes her heels. It's not that high, as heels go, maybe 2.5-3", what might even be called a kitten heel.I dunno about comfortable. Me, I wear loosely laced sneakers, so I have a different idea of foot comfort.
Jen likes the 4006 model
Everyone stfu. @Jbravo, it's true you are an idiot. But I didn't find your comment that offensive. Offbase and stupid, yes. For everyone else: sexiness or lack thereof is a legitimate criticism of "some" fashion. A lot if collections are meant to be sexy, and so the execution can be legitimately criticized.@brad-t, if you want to criticize something, point out that this look is not meant to be sexy. If he is educated, and persists, then he'll show himself to be an...
I've never favored, tacitly or otherwise, a clean, modern, anything. For the record. Could definitely wear the slip ons.
If you email Madova in Florence, you can get them for 99Euros plus shipping (but minus VAT).  About as good as you get.  Alternatively, you can get them for under $250 from www.nomanwalksalone.com.  I think that for gloves, a good return policy is a good idea.  This is esepcially true of the hand sewn gloves, which can vary a fair bit between different pairs.  Not only that but the ratio of lengths of a person's hand varies greatly between different people.  And at least...
No socks with boat/deck shoes.  Considering their function, it makes no sense.  Use talcum powder if you have sweaty feet.   Richer Poorer does make some loafer socks.  But I consider the idea stupid.
The convention is 90=36. You take a belt size an even size about your pants size.  Orciani is pretty TTS that way.  Anderson's, on the other hand, is more like, size up 2, so if you take a size 32 in jeans, take a size 38.
My Gris mid mocs (SS13) came Friday.  The fit is about TTS, maybe 1/2-1/4" size larger.  I am usually a size 11, or 10.5 in Skagways, and these are a size 11.  They fit pretty well, with a bit of room in the toe, but I'm not sure that with a size 10.5, that my toes wouldn't be pushing the end of the shoe.  The uppers are not at all structured, so that is an additional consideration in sizing.  These are "floppy" like a traditional mocassin.   Really soft, fairly thick...
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