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Not sure what you are getting at, but that certainly was no straw man.  I'm just positing that "child labor" may not be seen as a bad or exploitative thing by everyone.
My point is that perceptions of children, and really, any other group, are viewed is not universally uniform, and that there is no a priori reason to believe that they ought to be.  For example, one could just as easily argue that the dignity of a child depends on his ability to contribute, materially, to the family.  And that allowing children to play too much leads to shiftlessness and a lack of discipline that will serve them poorly as adults.  
Child labor is not this huge bugaboo in and of itself.  The world has a long history of putting children to work.  "Summer vacation" was, for many children, time to work on the farm (literally.)  And in many states, there are special provisions that allow young minors to work at family businesses.   The problem is exploitative labor practices.  Exploitative labor practices targeted at children just seems more abhorrent.
35485 + 33 + 35 = 35553 (It's slow going, but I'll get back to decent numbers.)
All of your points are pertinent.  However, @pickpackpockpuck is not wrong either.  Our desire for ridiculously cheap clothes, so cheap that they are essentially disposable, puts pressure on the factories to cut cost and cut costs, often at the expense of reasonably safe working conditions.  Certainly, those conditions could arise anyway, but the prices we demand make the conditions nearly inevitable in many cases. Re. child labor, in particular, I think that it's a topic...
Well, that's a poor run of luck.  I was literally about to get the alloy runners, and they were there this morning, and now are out of stock.  You guys have an ETA on a re-up? Cheers, Fok.
It's my size.  I'm a bit bigger than you, but I also wear my clothes more douchily fitted, so maybe.  You are either a M or an S, I would guess.
Well, you are in the Bay Area, so you may be able to see the collar for yourself and figure out if it is for you.  It is pretty faithful to the collar of the iconic Buco J100.  I like it, it looks good on, and I'm not a big fan of the thin collar look either, since my neck is long (and a really thin, truncated collar makes me look like an ostrich.)  One thing to keep in mind is that the neckline and collar are 3-D (yes, we exist off this screen, maybe) and that a collar of...
 Thanks.  The truth is that there are a lot of people working to make the forum as welcoming to our very diverse community as possible.  Not everything we do turns out to be a great idea, and some things are simply not doable - unless we had one of those Tony Stark armor designing computers, which we don't - but we do our best to make both the community and the software as welcoming and easy to use as possible. Incidentally, on the way (imminently) is sticky navigation,...
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