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Not yet.  There were 4 makeups in that order, and they will send them all out at the same time.
Welcome! Seriously though, at a certain price, you are really looking purely at design. I mean, the soles are a ton more durable than for say, Converse, as are the uppers, but... that's just a justification.
Pretty much the same price as any "baller" or designer sneakers these days, honestly.  They are nicely made, but if you are trying to justify them as anything other than a designer purchase, you are outta luck. - 30% off select items with code BREAK - up to 90% off Kiton, Belvest, and Sartoria Partenopea with 10% extra off with code SARTORIALE10
Wear it hard for a bit, and it will be super supple.  My old, barely worn, ToJ, is like butter now.
Depends.  I prefer horse, which, under most common tanning techniques, can develop a pretty cool lustre you don't seein calf.  That said, it can be sorta stiff.  Though, recently, there has a been a fair bit of middle weight, supple from day 1, horsehide.
Thanks.  Fixed. - Enter "X30" at the checkout to add a further 30% Off on all sale items. Promo valid till 23rd February 2017 at 23.59 (UTC +1). Certain brands and collections are excluded from this offer.
Hmmm... um... custom luggage tag?  I actually do need one.
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