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We don't share email addresses with any of our advertisers, of which Huckberry is one.  That would not only be unethical, but it would be a super dumb move, if you just stop and think about the implications for a moment.  If you like outdoor gear and odd things (like a dinosaur bone, which my kids got me for Fathers' Day), it's pretty cool site, though.
Eye on the current prize, people.  Do I hear a $320.
In addition to the items that are being auctioned or already have been auctioned, we have: 1) Eidos suit of the winner's choice from @gdl203 and No Man Walks Alone2) Ring Jacket from @JeffArmoury and the rest of The Armoury Gang3) 4 MTM Individualized Shirts from @Drinkwaters4) 2 Bauhaus watches from @Kent Wang5) From @pediwear, a pair of Loake Aldwych6) From J Fitzpatrick shoes, any pair of shoes from his range7) From @YellowHookTies, a bottle of Four Roses La...
@Epaulet can you give me an assist on this?
Charity auction for an Epaulet leather backpack.   Don't forget to support.  And thanks to Mike @Epaulet for the generous donation.  
Out of the gates. Nice.
Auction 2: Epaulet Leather backpack Ends Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015. 3 p.m. PST   Let's start the bidding... now.  The following auction will be a 24 hour auction and will end at 3 pm PST.   The @Epaulet Leather Backpack is designed to be the most well-crafted and versatile bag that you have ever owned. It's crafted in gorgeous full-grain cowhide and made from start to finish in our workshop in Portugal. The interior is lined in suede and had a padded compartment for a 13"...
There should be, yes, but I am freaking slammed this year.  Will try to ge that up.
Alright.  @Best Budz wins it at $700.  Nice job people.  If you could email me at styleforum.net@gmail.com, I'll give you further instructions. That brings our tally up to $1125.  That's awesome, and we haven't even hit December yet.  Next auction, a leather backpack from @Epaulet , coming soon.
Because stocking a crapload of shoes that sell primarily only during sales is a bad business practice? I mean, I was a professional student (PhD ftw) for many years, so I feel your pain, but I'm assuming that this is not a serious question.
New Posts  All Forums: