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Part of their linae maestro line (though the tan ones are norvegesse). If you shoot them an email, you can order them like you would any other shoe on their website. A lot of models aren't listed there but are available in their store/email orders. Feel free to troll their tumblr for any other models.
Be careful what you wish for...
  I'm of this opinion as well. While arm length may vary, so does torso length.   In my case, I have a slim, short build with a long torso and comparatively pronounced behind. Any jacket long enough to cover my ass, even the most fitted ones, makes me look like I'm wearing a too large hand me down and accentuates my shortness.    One thing that might have an impact as well in my opinion is the height of a person relative to the observer. Different angles (for example a...
I'd also like to know as they seem like an affordable option for sturdy leather belts.
I believe you're referring to the 2 for $300 sale that occurred back in December. I don't recall FAs or Strands going for 2 for $200 or I would have them in every color by now.
Can anyone with a pair of walnut jefferson's post a picture? There are very few non product shots out and the color and sheen of the leather seems to vary a good deal...
  Shoe bank, same as US orders. Shipping is something like $25, but make sure that you ask them to ship with USPS or they'll use UPS and you'll be hit with brokerage fees. 
Has anyone ordered the Norvegesses? What exactly about them justifies the 100EUR premium over the standard price? 
I wear cheap boots I bought off globo (haters will hate, but $30 for a pair of warm leather beater boots is pretty good if you ask me). Going on 2 years and they've held up fine. The salt they use on roads in Canada makes nice boots a poor investment imo. 
Thanks for the heads up. Ordered myself a bunch of hangers. Would've gotten shoe trees too but just ordered some the other week from AE 
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