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I've had quality suits made in Vietnam for under 500, but the tailor I used catered nearly exclusively to the local expat crowd (not many other people have the time to wait 1 month or more for a suit). The problem with getting suits while on vacation is that time constraints will limit you to the garbage tailors that sell to tourists and have little if any sense of workmanship.    As for custom shoes, they are highly unnecessary for someone with your budget. Get AE...
I would go for the Fifth Avenue over the Park Avenue. It's a tiny bit less boring while still remaining extremely conservative.
  I get comments all the time on my walnut Rutledges and occasionally on my brown Fifth Avenues (only when they've been recently shine). From what I've gathered, women seem to be more drawn towards flashier colors/designs, something that most AE shoes aren't particularly known for. Put one of those square toed monstrosities next to a nice pair of walnut Strands or Daltons and I'm sure most women would give the nod to AE.
No word on when "next season" is? I was told that they were preparing a cuero shell double monk for next season that I must have...   The finishing did seem a bit sloppy on it, but the shoe rack I bought from Jos A Bank had instructions from Woodlore in the box.
The shoe racks are also made by Woodlore.
It may be that the uppers are sewn in China and then welted in Spain. I believe Allen Edmonds does this with some of its "made in the USA" models (only replace China with the Dominican Republic)
  Could you snap a few pics? Would love to see them in action.
  Were there any colors available other than the brown and black?
From what I understand, Allen Edmonds are partially made in the Dominican Republic as well.
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