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  Yup, classic collection. It should be possible as I just placed an order for one but since it's a brand new model their stock may be low.
  I didn't ask specifically but I assume that it's on the same last as the rest of their classic collection double monks (Hiro). 
Just got an email from Pepe with one of their new offerings, a scotch grain double monk with double rubber soles:           Suffice to say they had an instant sale.
I agree that the 3-333 last is quite a step up from their usual lasting. I love the shape and colour of my Rutledges, though I dislike how fragile the leather is.
  I think a big part of the problem with that suit is how ridiculously skinny that model is. I'm a small guy (any off the rack suit in 36 is noticeably too large for me) but that model takes it to a whole new level. 
  Many of their items are not on the site but are available in store (this includes the blue suede double monks, those are NOT MTO). You'll have to email them and ask.
  I do and I have to agree. As much as I love the shoe and how it looks (I'm actually wearing it right now) the left toe cap has developed a spiderweb like pattern that seems to be a crack in the finish. On top of that, the leather is ridiculously fragile to the point where it dented when I dropped an empty file folder (thin cardboard). My shoe shiner also accidentally nipped it with his nail while brushing it and left a deep gouge in the leather. 
Gap, Banana Republic and J Crew all come to mind for simple basics (plain sweaters, shirts, socks, etc.). Take a look at for inspiration/deals. 
  I don't know if this applies to orders entering the US, but I know that when shipping to Canada, brokerage fees are only charged when shipping with the cheaper UPS options (ground, saver). All of their shipping options with "international" in the name include brokerage. Maybe Meermin can upgrade their shipping to this? From experience, it only costs a few dollars more and saves the ridiculous fees charged by UPS and all the other shipping companies. Even USPS charges...
Try an oriental knot. I'm short as well and I find it's a good middle ground in terms of shape/length.
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