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            A quick shot of the scotch grain double monks.
You're also all assuming that those who will go buy/rent a tuxedo will actually know how it's supposed to fit and look. I'll take matching tuxedos over notched lapels "tuxedos" and skinny ties. 
  Did you try a 9E?
  I'm quite sure those models are fully recraftable by AE.
  They are. Their shoe trees, hangers and shoe racks (pretty much all of the cedar stuff really) is manufactured by Woodlore.
  Styleforum is a gigantic exercise in confirmation bias. This entire thread is very pro "do what you want and screw what other people(in this case the girlfriend) think" simply because the way the OP wishes to dress falls directly under Styleforum's infallible dress laws. Go to the thread where a guy wants to wear a black shirt/pant/tie combo (which I admit, I find absolutely hideous) to go clubbing and the direction of the advice instantly shifts.   Had the OP been the...
  As opposed to the advice you wanted to hear?     I haven't gone over the entirety of the thread, but isn't one of the main observations that black tie is no longer treated the way it used to be (i.e. the vast, vast majority of attendees will are dressed similarly to the way the OP's girlfriend is suggesting?).   Regardless of the proper or classical definition of what black tie is, I'm of the opinion that a person should always be dressed in function of the...
  I wear a 9.5D in the 5 last and a 9D on the 3-333 last. The 5 last isn't tight on me, though I now believe that a 9E or 9.5E might lead to less noticeable creasing. The 3-333 last in 9D is snug, but not uncomfortably so for most of the day (I start wanting to take them off after about 10 hours, but not before). 
  I also had a clearance delay and I did not order shoe trees. 2 pairs of shoes though so I believe it mine was stopped because it was above a certain value.
  So would they apply to regular priced 1st quality shoes?
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