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Here is a picture of a 6 month old pair of Rutledges next to a new pair of RL Sandersons and a pair of dark brown Fifth Avenues. The picture accurately shows the difference in color under office lighting.     As for sizing, I wear 9.5 D on the 5 last (fit snug for the first few wears before stretching considerably, 9 D on the 333 last (snug fit for most of the day and uncomfortable after maybe 12 hours) and 9.5 D on the 2 last. My brannock device sizing is 9 C.
  That's the one. The sales associate didn't even know about it but he was able to verify that the price was also $130.    On a side note, Adam at Shoebank 2 (the one at Galleria), is much more pleasant to deal with than the person who answers the phone at the other Shoebank location in Wisconsin. Extremely accomodating and knowledgeable.
Picked up a pair of RL Sanderson, Singleton and Illford. Didn't hear anyone mention the last one, but it's also on sale for $130. I hate you people.
  So shoe trees come free now? Any chance that will also apply to group buys?
  Please god no. If I saw it, I'd have to have it.
  Hatchgrain dub monk boot? 
If you don't mind the medallion toe, Meermin's higher end double monk is on a pretty narrow last: 
  Is this new? 
It would have been included if you had expressly mentioned that you wanted them. It was an extra 20 euros I think. 
Got mine as well. Unlike the previous group order, there are no details in the invoice, which I find concerning. 
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