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  Wow, I'll never complain about the creasing on my shoes again...
  Definitely 9.5UK. I'm a 9.5D in AE and I find that the Hiro last in 8.5UK to be a bit roomy.
  The Austerity Brogue on the Olfe last is available in black on their website. No word about other colors, but I'm sure they're in the works.
      Austerity brogue after a few coats of Kiwi polish. 
Someone on the Dappered forums apparently got a pair of shell Dundees. 
  Will depend on last. I'm a 9.5D in AE Fifth Ave, and a 8.5UK in the Olfe last is a perfect fit (I'd even say it's a tiny bit wider in the toe box than the 9.5D). An 8.5UK in the Hiro last (double monks) gives me a bit of heel slippage and a noticeably more room in the toe box.
  I personally find the Hiro last to be a bit chunky and I'm not a huge fan of it for dress shoes. Put it on a more casual offering like the grain double monks, and it's a whole different story.
  Keep in mind that until recently, all Linea Maestro models available on their website were in the New Rey last and none of the classics were available in that last.
I'm in the same boat (shoulders too narrow to fit 36s). The only brands I know of who make sizes smaller than 36 are Mexx (cheap and dirty) and Suit Supply (limited locations)
I assume $257 is for first quality Daltons? That price doesn't seem very attractive for seconds.
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