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I'd be interested in getting Namor's double monk boots in hatchgrain.
The only easily accessible fabric sellers I know of are British-fabrics on eBay and Harrisons Burley. Both are based in the UK and sell quality fabric at pretty decent prices. British-fabrics is one guy who does the run of the different mills in England buying end of line fabric bolts and then flips them on Ebay. Harrisons Burley are a mill in the UK that sells directly to the to the public.
Whatever you do, don't get the Allen Edmonds travel shoe shine kit. The brush is much denser and stiffer than their regular shine brush (I use it as my dirt brush now) and the polishing cloths that are included will transfer color to the shoe if you try to use them for spit shining.   Edit: they seem to have changed the kit to include much higher quality products with it. You might still see the old ones being cleared out at various stores like Century21 or...
  Thanks for the feedback, but could you go more into detail about what is off with it?    My tailor options are quite limited, and this one is supposedly the best one in town and has been able to make a SF approved suit in the past. He obviously did not do so in this case, but given my options, I think my best bet is to hound him into making something right. It may be partially my fault for giving very little direction and, since I am young, he seemed to have given me...
Gentlemen, I was hoping I could get some feedback on this suit I had made a little while ago. This was my first "real" suit, a MTM piece I had done by Dung in Ho Chi Minh City. At the time, I didn't know much about proper fit so it's far from perfect. I'm not looking at altering this suit as it's on its last legs anyhow, but I am looking into ordering additional pieces from him and am hoping to slowly work towards an ideal suit.             So far...
  It looks like it wasn't incorporated, which is disappointing.
I don't think there are any noticeable "ill effect" with using a canvas interlining, but it does make for a cheaper construction. Whether or not that's a deal breaker from a craftsmanship standpoint is another matter, but people on this forum snub brands for much less.
  What a horrible salesperson. Those look like your feet are ready to burst out of them. Either try to go up widths and if that doesn't fit, I'd look into shoes on a different last.
  I'm 9.5D in the 5 last without insole and I get heal slippage with the Hiro dub monks in 8.5UK.
I have a suit in that color and I do find that burgundy works best with it.
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