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Got my plum museum calf single monks and I am impressed.       Right at home :   (From left to right: AE Rutledge in walnut, Meermin plum museum calf single monk, Meermin brown museum calf punched cap toe, AE for RL panel boot, AE Fifth Avenue brown, AE Fifth Avenue black, Meermin burgundy austerity brogue)   My experience with Meermin has gotten better since the first order. The burgundy austerities came with horrible dye marks in the leather whereas the...
Anyone have updates on the plum museum calf MTO?
Finally got my Museum Calf MTOs. Had to have a medallion added to justify another pair of brown oxfords, but I think they look great. No defects that I can see.    
  Wow, didn't know they carried that. Chapel or Vale, I'd be in for either.
I do like the Chapel better than the Vale in most cases, but I think the plum museum calf is showy enough that the more subdued design of a the Vale fits better.
From what I understand, we need to have a minimum of 25 orders in plum museum calf, but only 6 in a particular style to avoid the MTO upcharge. I could be wrong, but that would mean that we can have 3 or 4 different styles. 
At the risk of getting lambasted for going too trendy, I'd like to suggest the JL Vale in plum museum calf:    
Mine were shipped to my US address. 2 more weeks before I can go down there and bring them back... and it's killing me.
Just got my shipment notification for the museum calf MTO 
  That color is accurate when in daylight, but they do come off as dark brown like on the website when indoors.
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