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What's the inseam of nimbus?  I wear size 31 of most jeans, is 31 fits for me?  Thanks.
I almost missed the 7 hills indy and bought a pair without a second thought when it was restocked.  One of my favorite boots.  Although it might not be everyone's taste, I really like the rubber sole on the indy.  Mind to share info about the new indy?
I'm new to here, so I can't post pics , but I change the avatar which is the pic of my humble collection  
Showing my humble collection of Alden, from left to right: Bureau Indy (claim to be barrie on website, but I'm pretty sure it's trubalance) Blackbird #8 PTB (barrie) Leffot Whiskey (barrie?) Epaulet Tanker (trubalance)
I think the whiskey tanker from Leffot is not barrie as it's a lot more narrow than the PTB #8 that I bought from Blackbird.  I ordered the same size as my usual size with barrie/trubalance last.  Luckily, it still fits me perfectly.
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