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Plyos worked out great for me, although I did them for sprinting speed and not vertical leap. Shaved my 100 m time by quite a bit. Keep up your weight lifting routine (it seems to be working well for you) and add 3 plyo sessions a week. Listen to your body, though. Don't do plyos if you've got a pull in your hammie or something. Plyos are rough on the body. Probably wouldn't hurt to supplement some glucosamine to prevent joint troubles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Hey, until you guys get the Fairness Doctrine reimposed, cheap shots are still legal in this country. Completely legal. Enjoy your stay in the mud.
Black russian. Better than white, IMO.
wow. new low.
That's easy - I use unscented versions of everything except the cologne. There's nothing I hate more than weird scents mixed together. Girls often do this to a fault - rose-scented shampoo, chocolate bodywash, musky perfume, soapy deodorant - all my nose can detect is a sickeningly sweet smell. Fortunately guys' stuff doesn't smell quite as strong. Usually the olfactory offenders of our gender just bathe in Axe Bodyspray or some such.
thread has officially achieved epic status
This would be when I hate myself for being so short.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackjack a whole bunch of stuff Great post. Very promising from a guy with a 15 post count. Looking forward to seeing you participate more.
^Pretty funny stuff...
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