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  Any 44's out there?  all outlets I've contacted have big ass sizes.
breh,    just ordered the Jodphurs in black in 39 from sawgrass.      the SA said "Whoever is putting the word out on the Jodphurs, tell em thank you!"
I need the plug for SLP outlet in HK!  can anyone help me out?  Will pay a service fee
missed out on the ambermatic shooters again.   looking for the ambermatic shooters if anyone has them.
all black leather santiag boots from ss15 fit a bit narrow.  As I walk, I feel my pinky toe gently pressing against the front toe area.  It's not too bad but I couldn't imagine walking over a mile like this without it beginning to bug the crap out of me.  The boots are barely worn and I am wondering if they will stretch out some?
2014 Saint Laurent Paris L01 Leather Jacket  Brand New With Tags Attached  Lambskin Leather     Beautiful classic, completely unworn with tags attached.  This cut doesn't look flattering on me sadly. Super soft supple lambskin leather ready for Fall.  If you've been thinking about it or have been on the edge, nows the time to get it.   measurements (fits true 48)  Shoulders - 41cm  Chest - 50cm  Length - 65cm (top collar to bottom)  Sleeve - 63cm
crazy length 34 motherfuckers haha   I have hemmed all my SLP denim that carry a plainer wash as well.  3" off that the SLP in house tailor has done for me (wonderful job)...the associates were nottt happy about the idea, they freaked out actually.  Yet most of them are tall as hell vs my 5'7 ass. The ss15 destroyed one like @BeraQueezy has in his photo, I chose not to and just wear it with low top gear and the stacks work there.
just soak em and hang dry.  
my problem is that the 44 is a tad slim on the shoulders for me, and the 46 is too big on the sleeves/chest
Thinking about tapering my size FW14/SS15 jeans to fit like FW13.  Really don't like how a lot of my jeans stretched out, but it would be bringing it in about 1cm throughout the leg.  SLP Rodeo Drive Store said they'll do it, anyone know how their in house tailor is?
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