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hey man! bonded cotton all the way. i have one that's from a collaboration with Drake's. This model in Blue, size 40. Worn literally once, Hong Kong is probably not the most suitable place for a coat like this. I wish I could get more use out of it. PM me if it happens to be in your size. The hood is detachable. Cheers  
the blue of the a1 is gorgeous! could you share the maker? i love the pants too!
DESCRIPTION Classic Cordovan Penny Loafers by Alden  Tons of life left  I'd give it a good 8/10 condition  Size 8.5E  No Box or Dust bag  Added rubber soles for more traction and comfort SHIPPING Purchase price adds $35 shipping to Worldwide. All other buyers please make an offer to receive a quote.
DESCRIPTION Brand new, never worn before Common Projects Achilles lows in black. Size US10/EU43 Comes with extra laces and dust bag. With box. BIN @ 280USD.  SOLD SHIPPING Items located in Hong Kong.   Purchase price adds $50 shipping to Worldwide.
 hello nick! i love your work and have been following you a couple of seasons now.sadly, there's no place that i could find your items in Hong Kong; are there plans to expand to asia?I am a size 52 in isaia (cortina and sailor), would i be fine wearing a 52 in eidos as well?which model are these similar to in your line?i am also a size 16 in dress shirts, should i go for a large or x-large in lupo polo if i can find some online?cheers!
15 bucks! I'd take it for 60 😂But yeah, on the suede falling off issue, some of my suede jacket does that too. Anyone has a simile issue and how do you guys solve this?
Anyone care to share Marc's contact information? PM will be fine. Much appreciated! 🙌🏿
U can do a polo suede in hollywood a2 or canton a1:slayer:
This is nice. 100% linen?
These make more sense, will ask seller to remeasure again! Thank you, gents!This is lovely!
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