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Its the fact that players all of a sudden think they are above the club that bugs me.. I don't disagree that this transfer is a good deal for Arsenal financially and possibly on the field too. If RVP end up spending as much time injured as he did in Arsenal and Arsenal bring in a good replacement for him, I don't consider being the "losers" here. Still, a replacement need to be broad in.    I believe that RVP, as most other players, can be replaced. I get the point about...
RVP is now up there with Adebayor, Nasri and Ashley Cole.
  A king without a crown! ...   Laughed a lot when I saw this   
^^ Money over everything seems to be the state of mind for most players these days 
^^ If we could get Sahin on a permanent deal instead of a loan then I wouldn't be too heartbroken about Song going away. Its more the fact that we will be selling one of our key players to Barcelona again, that bothers me. Arsenal should boycott Barca after the way they handled the Fabregas-transfer.   On Cazorla; he was seen boarding a plane from Malaga to London this morning. Fingers crossed!
Roberto Carlos has announced that he will retire from football.   Roberto has always been a favourite of mine, his freekick goal against france is one of the most spectacular goals I've ever seen.
^^ Valid point 
I've actually never heard of an player on a 8 year contract before?    Carrol is nothing more than a young version of Emile Heskey...
Santi Cazorla have been heavily rumoured to Arsenal for the last week. Even though I'd prefer a DM over another winger, Cazorla is more than welcome, plus a £15-18mil price tag for a player with Cazorlas qualities should almost be considered a steal by todays standards...
^  Thanks, wasn't sure.     http://www.france24.com/en/20120718-france-politicians-slam-disgusting-salary-psg-zlatan-ibrahimovic-football-tax-wages     "In order to pay Ibrahimovic €14 million a year, it has been estimated that PSG will have to shell out a further €21 million per year to the French state in taxes and social charges.   And if the new 75% tax bracket is passed, tax lawyers have calculated that Ibrahimovic could end up costing the French...
New Posts  All Forums: