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marni collab hit the sale racks hard despite opening day madness picked up couple bits for around half off
yeah i'm well impressed with it too, daresay its one of the biggest bargains on yoox at the moment
  denim 5-zip via yoox - gonna be fun to break in
imagine this would look great once the denim's worn in but its been in stock for ages for ages at a relatively cheap price so maybe i'm alone in thinking it's decent.  
picked one up too, echo your statements really. although mines marked as an M the actual size given by the wash tag is 52, not sure what that's about. actually fits pretty well around the shoulders/waist, just massive armholes like you say. if i see a 48 will pick it up for sure to see if its any better, quite like the style apart from the arms and the quality is decent.
bump for answer, noticed this as well.
Wow... Would like to see a pic of that
  the fact you say ministry plays exclusively dubstep/drum and bass shows how much you're talking about really, most nights it's obscenely bland house/techno DJs in every room   if you have no preferences when it comes to electronic music and are just looking for a generic club night experience you could do worse, m:f ratio there is better than most other places
In the UK it's not that bad. Stocks some APC, Wings+Horns, hell even some Margiela (MM6). Just checked the US site out of curiousity and yeah they really fuck you guys over.
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