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Damn it, someone in NYC want to proxy a 8.5 in Navy? Will buy you a beer
 Exactly the same situation. Do you think they'll be on stock on Monday? Desperately want a navy pair.
If anyone's interested in a review, there's a great post at The Field Studies.
bump $150 shipped
bump $170 shipped
Meermin Longwing Bluchers 101375-S   Size 7.5UK   Nice pair of shoes, unfortunately a tad to small in the toe-box area for me. I should have not sized down.    The box is a bit torn down due to shipping from Spain. Trying to convince myself that these shoes fit I walked the stairs of my house one time, that's why you see some wear on the left shoe. These shoes never left my house, just got them yesterday and I'm sad to let them go.    These will fit a TTS...
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