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I kind of love that I've been an official member of this forum for about thirty seconds, and y'all are totally being enablers about the idea of my buying above-my-current-means shoes that would ALSO require most of my trousers be altered.  I think I've found my true spiritual home.
Fantastic, I had a feeling about this.  I could see that there was something going on with the leather which I wasn't quite familiar.   I'm only just starting to get into the Saphir products after a couple of decades of "what was good enough for the old man is good enough for me," but the Renovateur is a go-to.  Thanks tremendously for putting a name to why I didn't want to touch the Burwoods until I figured out their story.   Also, the Church's website shows them as one...
First post.    First of all, I love this forum and have been coming here for ages, but only just made an account.  While this is a very male forum, I hope there's some indulgence for the women who love taking care of all things gentlemanly.   OK, one of the loves of my life recently got an absolutely stunning pair of Church's Burwoods in Sandalwood.  Thrilling for many reasons, not the least of which is that I planned to get him a similar pair of brogues from...
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