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Before I pull the trigger, is there any difference between "Venetian Leather Balm" and "Venetian shoe cream"?  I'm assuming no but given the huge price disparity wanted to be sure.   Thanks!
Leaving soon for a wedding, can't find my brown belt, will this work?  
 Wonderful, thank you!  If two people end up in the same suit (only so many lower priced navy suits out there) will that make it look odd or do I just need to separate them in the lineup?
Another wedding question...   Going with non-uniform navy suits if someone ends up in something like either of the below will that be OK or do I at least need to keep them all in more plain navy?    
Any chance of a brown Jefferson in 11.5D?
  Thank you! And thank you to Veremund as well
I read the article which strongly suggested to not have the groomsmen match (which I am all about), however, if the bridesmaids already have dresses in the exact same color will it look odd if the groomsmen end up obviously less uniform in different shades of navy? 
I'm looking for a trip fit, off white, spread collar dress shirt (possibly french cuff) however I've found it is (not surprisingly) much harder to find off white than white.  So far I've found an ivory twill at Proper Cloth and an ecru twill at Hamilton Shirts.  Any other suggestions?  This is for my wedding so I'm more than willing to go into the $200-300 price range, if necessary.
I'm possibly getting a MTM suit done for my wedding in June.  All of the fabrics the tailor was showing me were "summer weight" 8.5oz or less.  I found one I really like but it's only 7oz and based on what I've read really light fabrics don't drape or hold up their shape as well.  I expressed this concern to the tailor but he more or less scoffed and said that isn't the case, it's dependent on the fabric and the weave, not the weight.   Durability doesn't bother me...
The shoulders are actually pretty good, it's really just the chest and waist
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