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Yeah, mine are really slim throughout the calves as well.. I can just barelyy pull them off without looking goofy. I've only worn them out once, I'm still sorta on the fence about them.. I love the styling though. 
The bomber is one of the heavier jackets that I own, I'd say it's pretty warm.. and the treated outer might hold up. I haven't worn it out in any snowy weather myself!
Exactly..  Mine are too big in the waist as well, and the leg is just a bit slimmer than I expected. I swear they're even slimmer than my westpoint chinos, which is pushing it.. 
Love this guys fit.... I wish my bush pants fit more like this. I'm not a very bulky / athletic build by any means, I've always worn slim pants.. but my bush pants are wayy more tapered looking than this. The worst part is how fitted they are in the knee, almost too skinny!    
If only these were a 41..
Got my charcoal camo bush pants in.. they're really nice. The fit on them is pretty ridiculously slim though, I think i can just barely pull them off. The westpoint chino, and even the straight fit denim works for me.. in a size 30. I went with a 30 in the bush pant as well, and they're looser in the waist, and taper more around the knee.. Really liking the details on them though.
Hm, I finally got my bleached pair in, and the sizing wasn't much different than the 1 year wash.  I didn't get the slim fit though, both of mine are straight.. but the sizing is virtually the same on these.   
  I'll be super disappointed if my size 30 straight fit bleached don't fit me... I could have gotten the 29 in the same pair for at least 100 bucks cheaper, but I went ahead and grabbed the 30 for retail price.. because I got the same size in the one year wash, and they fit fine. I could of gotten the 29 for much cheaper, but I was scared of the thigh being too tight. The size 30 has a little wiggle room for me in the waist, but I couldn't take any smaller in the thigh.....
Ridiculous.... I will definitely have to give these guys a call.
 Has anyone ever ordered through Reap & Sew? I placed an order from them right before Chrsitmas.. and I got a confirmation notification for my order and everything, but they never further updated me on any shipping status . . It's been a while. I tried to email them but I haven't gotten a response, maybe I'll try to call 'em tomorrow after work..
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