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 Mike,Do you reccomend TTS for the full zip and sweatpants?  I size up on the escobars similar to the model.
prices for loopback collection needed
wasn't there a promo code for need supply too?
To those of you who own previous loop wheel sweatshirts - couple questions.   1. Is the fabric more substantial/softer?  I am wondering if this purchase should be considered a "winter/fall" item and unsuitable for summer.  No problem if this is the case, just curious.   2. Color - Do either the black or grey colors vary from the original french terry?  How about fading?  My black escobars have faded quite a bit over the last year(I've worn the shit out of them and will...
 I meant in general - not for the sample sale. In other words - is the lamb the same as TOJ?  Is the fit and finish the same?
looks good. Did you go same size with the cake as you did with escobar?
whats the difference btwn your MA-1 and the other places MA-1? Is the lamb the same?
Damn I'm so fired up for loopwheel. Can't decide if I want the kake or the full zip in grey.
Wait no more dual zip??
is that the raw edge hoodie?  scarb jeans?
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