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For skoaktiebolaget rosewood galways, I ordered my normal size 8.5 e UK
I am
i ordered a pair of quilted escobars in size medium off of revolve and they are like yoga pant tight everywhere.  I'm a 31" waist, and 6'1" .  Will going up to a large help or are they just not for me?  I would like a fit similar to how they are on the atrium website.  If ordering a large will fix the issue, I'll probably go for a pair of limas.
do the zip hoodies stretch much?  I'm 6'1" 160 w long arms 38 inch chest 31 waist.  I got a large in the flash hoodie and fits good, little drapey, but if it stretches will be too loose.  Wondering if I should exchange out for a medium...
just placed my order for rosewood galways!
m3's are sick, wu-tang is sick, and jordan iv's are awesome.  Whats the problem?
need one that that will work for tall and slim cats.  TOJ wait way too long
damn thats true
nahz my dude.     EoM took orders and money upfront.  They did a terrible job communicating with people that they took money from, and lied over over a year about the situation.  You aren't getting your shoes man, might as well get a refund now before they deny you that as well.
Price drop to $500
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