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My galway got delayed again... So I had to draw the line and ask for a refund. If EoM had been up front and at least communicated throughout I would have probably kept the order. Going forward skoaktiebolaget will be getting all my business...
Price drop to $700
How you want to conduct business is totally up to you.  You are not the norm.  I hope you do not conduct business this way in all areas of you life...otherwise you have a future of making real estate brokers, car dealerships, and future employers all very happy.  They will all take advantage of you. 
+1 Too many cats on here thin TOJ is a religion.  Good product, great price, but when money exchanges, business is taking place.  Being up front goes a long way with people.  If you set expectations, follow through.  If something changes that delays expectations, let people know.  99% will be understanding.
Leaves can you give some clarification on the shearling lining for the Galway preorder?  How will this differ from the stock walnut/mink suede veldt shearling galway sold in the catalog?
this suit is majestic
Hi Leaves,Excellent Excellent Excellent.  When will the pre order period end?
I purchased this Jacket from Mr. Porter this spring but havent had a chance to wear it.  Tags still attached.  Great quality and pretty warm.  Made in UK.  Size Medium.  See links for more pics. Originally $600   http://www.mrporter.com/product/351998
Ordered this suit from Mr. Porter over a year ago, but never got this altered or wore it.  Brand New with all tags still attached.  See this link for fit pics.  Measurements are on the Mr Porter webpage under the Size and Fit section. Originally MSRP around $2800.  Quality is amazing!  Willing to let it go for $400 shipped.  Please no lowball offers   http://www.mrporter.com/product/303061 http://www.mrporter.com/product/303062
They look awesome. I was told by Mark today that my Galways still have not arrived.  Part of me just wants to give up and get a refund, but seeing these gives me hope...
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