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Because Mark said the same thing to me 2 months ago...
I'm in the same boat. Sad to say I think we may be both waiting for another few months
any idea when the dark oak/mink suede galway MTO will be ready?
paid in full in february. This is turning into a nightmare
i ordered a pair of galways in hope of getting them by september for the fall.  mid october now and no update...
im still waiting as well...
I'm going to be placing an order for a TOJ0 shortly. I am 6'0", 160 lbs and 38" chest and 31" waist with long arms. Charly recomended size 48 with 50 sleeves. Should I go 48 body length or 50 body length?
email sent
is the moore in cherry a true burgundy? does the color look similar to G&G cherry?
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