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for those of you with the sneakers -  do they stretch at all?  I'm a 10.5 US in nike's and I tried on both a 42, and 43.  Both fit.  I'll prob go 43 if the stretch isnt bad, with stretch the 42's will be good.  Thanks
1. Escobars in black.  Perfection. 2. Bogota in Alpine.   3. Classic crew in grey.  
i'm on the east coast and still awaiting mine. tracking says they will be here on thursday.  Hope its not late because I'm leaving for 2 weeks traveling. Will post my thoughts once it gets in. I order the ebisu sweats and the raglan in black.  
do what you want but i think its amazing.  Got mine in alpine. 
Sandro is a brand that is slept on. I've found the quality a bit tricky but the design is dope.
eh dont waste your time.  its a shitshow
Treat yourself to a loop wheel hoodie or hold off. 
this picture is incredibly troubling...
Damn really. I think they look good on the website. Hope it works out.
Thanks! I copped. For those of you who have these , how you liking them so far?
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