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m3's are sick, wu-tang is sick, and jordan iv's are awesome.  Whats the problem?
need one that that will work for tall and slim cats.  TOJ wait way too long
damn thats true
nahz my dude.     EoM took orders and money upfront.  They did a terrible job communicating with people that they took money from, and lied over over a year about the situation.  You aren't getting your shoes man, might as well get a refund now before they deny you that as well.
Price drop to $500
are you going to restock the flash dual full zip in black?
what size should I order in hoodies and sweats?     I'm 6'1" , 165, 38" chest, long arms.  Waist is 31-32 inches.   Thanks!
still waiting 35 weeks for my TOJ0 stock 48.
price drop to $600
Hang it up in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.  As long as your bathroom isn't massive the steam should be just the right amount.
New Posts  All Forums: