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Just about at 10 months of waiting now with no end in sight.  I was told 5 months when I ordered...
I have worn primarily Spurr jeans for the last couple of years.  I've gotten back into playing basketball regularly and working out over the last couple months and my thighs and ass are more muscluar.  Can't fit into the Spurrs anymore, so I went to Barneys and tried - Nudies, APC, Acne jeans.  Couldnt get any of the brands above, but tried AG jeans on and they were perfect.  Still slim but more room in the thighs.  They seem really good quality too...
Cant decide between the dual flash hoodie with the higher neck and the regular zip up hoodie...anyone have a strong preference for the Dual flash and why?
Damn they messed up bad. I can't wait to see the toj fanbois try to spin this one...
I think they are perfect. Size down and you will become smeduim king, yoga pant extraordinaire
For skoaktiebolaget rosewood galways, I ordered my normal size 8.5 e UK
I am
i ordered a pair of quilted escobars in size medium off of revolve and they are like yoga pant tight everywhere.  I'm a 31" waist, and 6'1" .  Will going up to a large help or are they just not for me?  I would like a fit similar to how they are on the atrium website.  If ordering a large will fix the issue, I'll probably go for a pair of limas.
do the zip hoodies stretch much?  I'm 6'1" 160 w long arms 38 inch chest 31 waist.  I got a large in the flash hoodie and fits good, little drapey, but if it stretches will be too loose.  Wondering if I should exchange out for a medium...
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