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Too tight
you guys think they will make flash dual zip and/or escobar in royal blue?
What do you mean here? Can you elaborate which one is better for what type of style. Trying to decide
to any of you cats who were on the fence about the raw edge sweatpants - I'm really enjoying mine  They are on sale at a few locations.  Most of the sites styled them completely wrong.  I have worn mine plenty the last few days and they stay in place and look just like the john elliott website. I sized down to a Large from my Escobar size(XL).  You gotta be comfortable with wearing them cropped.  Prob not the best fit for super skinny legs, but suits me great.  The...
You happy with it though? I ordered mine, traveling and will pick it up next week. Just curious on your thoughts because you've handled so many JE pieces
 How do you feel about the Parachute?  did you go TTS?  
Same here. Had 2 flash zips that don't fit anymore due to gaining 15 lbs mass the last year
MikeJE - how do the oversized sweats differ from the raw edge? Looks like the hem measurements is smaller... is this right?
Thanks for turning me onto the anti expos bruh
It's still a great sweatshirt. Congrats to the people that copped
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