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 Sounds like I should go with a Large
I wear size medium in the flash hoodie, should I get the same size in the Villian Midnight hoodie?  I'm 6'1" 38" chest with long ass arms
looking to buy someones spot. PM me if willing to sell.
PM me if looking to sell your spot for a TOJ0 or suiting wool ma 1
how is the quality of baldwin denim?
price drop to $75
Price drop to 400
yup.  I got a refund from EoM.  Clearly im not a fan of being given wrong expectations.
Who says he came to toj for something unique?? If you are okay with getting robbed of 3k then fine, but you're also a buffoon. Remember that.
Agreed. These people are total frauds and terrible human beings. No one is getting their jacket.
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