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What would you guys recommend I should do at this point? I was told my boots would be ready by the13th. I haven't heard anything so I emailed them. No reply. Sent 2 more follow up emails and still no reply...
yes still waiting.  No, he never updates me proactively, I have to keep e-mailing.  Sometimes I get a response, sometimes not.   I've waited a year.  I think I am going to throw in the towel and just ask for a refund.  
at this point its hard for me to say i will ever do biz with EoM again...
Which Cashmere Black Warps would most closely resemble these ties from Drakes?     http://www.hangerproject.com/clothing-accessories/neckware/drakes-of-london-cashmere-tie-1333.html     Thanks!
How is the quality of c&j belts?
we should do a jumper boot with full fur lining.  Would be incredible
I agree. Expectations are the key .
Rosewood country calf w tobacco suede upper and shearling lining. Straight from their catalog .
Just spoke to Mark today about the Galways that I ordered January 2013.   Original expectation was to receive these boots in 5 months.  His latest update is that Edward Green will have the boots ready by January 13th "at the earliest".       This will be my first and last MTO purchase from EG.
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