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what do you mean
ill wear ripped in the winter.  screw it.  I do want some non ripped denim though.  The fit is so on point they dont need to fuss with all the gimmicks
nordstrom and bloomingdales as well.  Bloomingdales includes RC in their F&F I believe as well
not sure how i feel about the mocks
anyone have a herno coat? thoughts?
parachute is that tight?  is this what everyone did?
how is the quality of zespa?
You cop?
Pics of my raw edge sweatpants fit. I went with a Large (normally xL in Escobars). Don't mind the German shepherd sleeping in the background Also FWRD marked down the raw edge hoodie in alpine to $125 and Saks has the parachute in alpine for $200ish. Merry Christmas all!
need a winter coat.  I walk around a lot in NYC.  Have looked at Canada goose Carson because they fit me well and are very warm.  Problem is that everyone seems to have one.  Is the Therme better?  Will it keep me warm enough?  Is it slim and attractive looking?
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