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I'm selling my Lima Duo Black sweatpants in size Large.  I have worn them 2 x, and washed once in cold water and air dry.  They are in perfect condition.  
Selling a pair of Used Lima Sweatpants size Large in Duo Black.  I have worn them 2 times and washed once with cold water and air dried.  They are in perfect condition.
If there isn't a restock planned there should be. Those sold really quick if I remember correctly
This is a bad look for them. I hope they fix their service, this is not the type of rep any business should want
Need to buy a spot for A2 , toj0, or wool ma1 or any of the above in size 50
Yes agreed. I would love if the sleeves were longer for more stacking even for us tall guysAlso if anyone missed out on the midnight villain and wants my size medium(NWT only tried on once) PM me
Got my midnight villain. What do you guys think of the fit? Wish the sleeves were longer..
still looking to buy a spot
Get a Large for sure.  Medium will be really really tight.   I am a 32" waist but have done too many deadlifts over the years, so I had to go L for the escobars( Also i think the midnights run small)
wow sold out.  bummer
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