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Are the nero's at barneys the "new" cut?
They will restock eventually. They are a business that won't leave money on the table. It's possible that it's a custom fabric that may be more difficult to source but it will eventually restock. Just double up when they restock
What was the consensus on oak terry? I never saw the color in person. Dope?
Same here . I'm a 10.5 in nikes/Jordan's and went with 42 and 43. Sent back the 42's
Sized up to XL so I could layer the parachute over a hoodie. Thoughts? Could only find alpine... kind of preferred slate but oh well.
Thanks for the rec! Is it really warm?
i think it will be too big.  I'm 6'1" 180 , but a L in Kake, XL Villain and it was just too baggy for me.
They are awesome.  Notre has them on sale(final sale fyi).  I sized down 1 from my escobar size.  I'm an XL in escobar and L in the raw edge. I'm 180 lbs and squat 315 x10, so my thighs are big.  My guess is whatever you buy now will stretch out and when you lose the weight they might not fit right.  You might want to consider dropping the fat first and then treat yourself with some new outfits as a reward.  There is nothing more satisfying than reaching your fitness goals...
Raw edge sweatpants, raw edge hoodie, alpine parachute
if you live in NYC cop the neros.  Anywhere else just cop the odeons and be done with it.  
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