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I meant what do people wear them with. Ie Mercer w villain etc . Ass.
Wowowow. Hope they make this color in the flash dual zip
What are your guys fav tee's besides classic crews and how do you wear them.  I have several classic crews and looking to branch out.  Thinking about mercer and u-neck. 
Damn all you cats are sizing down on the kake.  not me.
gonna get another pair of the raw edge sweats.  I have the black... What other color should I get? Slate Oak, Dark Grey or Alpine? Mainly will wear with black sneakers.
Wow nice!
what do you mean
ill wear ripped in the winter.  screw it.  I do want some non ripped denim though.  The fit is so on point they dont need to fuss with all the gimmicks
nordstrom and bloomingdales as well.  Bloomingdales includes RC in their F&F I believe as well
not sure how i feel about the mocks
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