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This would need to be done on the Robert to look correct.
Has anyone seen the new "slate" color in person? Thoughts? Wondering if its tasteful
1. EG Chelsea Black 2. EG Midford Black 2. EG Inverness Burgundy 3. EG Galway Dark Oak/Mink Suede 4. EG Banbury Dark Oak   I wear suits to work everyday, and work in finance so 2  black shoes are a must.  Inverness works with navy and grey suits that are my norm.  The Galway and Banbury can work with a suit in a pinch as well as look great with jeans, odd trousers etc. 
What has scared me from ordering VASS in the past has been how confusing the sizing seems to be.  I've read a lot of conflicting data on this thread.  Also since I have a narrow foot, there seems to be less sampling data.   I wear a 9 D UK in EG 8.5 UK Carmina in Simpson and Robert lasts 8.5 UK in C&J 360 last   Perhaps someone can chime in with advice?
I wear size 8.5 UK in Carmina Robert and C&J 348.  I wear a size 9 D UK for EG.  Generally I have found - size down half a size from US to UK for EG, and a full size down from US to UK for Carmina and C&J.  Perhaps others can chime in as well. 
Is the above picture double dainite?
More Balmoral Boots on the Robert Last please!  My brown/scotch grain boots are held up fantastic all winter.
That midnight calf oxford came out amazing.  I would be in on a rerun
x post from Skoak thread.   We are doing a MTO for the Galways in Dark Oak/Mink Suede on the 82 last with dainite soles.  Price would be approx $1050. Anyone else interested?
I'm in on this.
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