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Is it too late to order a A2 bomber?  I saw some posts about a cutoff coming on the website, but no confirmation that the cutoff actually happened.  THanks
I have never purchased anything from W+H before, but I'm interested in getting a crewneck sweatshirt this season.  Can anyone comment on the warmth of the large loop fabric?   Also are the sleeves sufficiently long?  I'm 6'1" with crazy long arms...   Thanks
If someone can help proxy for me please PM me.  I live in Manhattan and can return the favor.  I'll make it worth your while...
Mike,   For the Navy Adelaide... would it be possible to commission navy calfskin Belts from Carmina to go along with the preorder?   Thanks
I hope I stop running out of ideas.  Last year I thought Allen Edmonds was the pinnacle of shoes.  This year I've already gotten EGs, C&Js and Carmina Bal Boots from Skoaktiebolaget and I'm in on the Navy Adelaide and Bal Austerity Brouge Boot.    Other members warned me when I joined SF ...
2 - Im looking forward to the navy calf alcudia.  Does anyone have any pics of carminas navy calf in natural light?   3.  Id like to see a calf option for these as well.  Maybe burgundy calf or black calf?
any pics of the A-2 in navy on here? I'm 6'2" with long arms and a 38" chest, so getting something slim enough with long arms isn't easy, unless im going the balenciaga route and thats upwards of 2500 easily...
Get a black captoe, a brown derby and a burgundy oxford.  I would definitely not get a double monk as one of my first 3 shoes...  Oh and wholecuts aren't great with jeans
100% agree.  This shoe will look majestic with grey suits, navy suits, would even pop nice with browns or denim.  I say we keep the medallion the same as it is on the above shoe. 
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