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any codes for acrimony?
Bawlin - I cant respond to your PM for whatever reason - I would be looking for this color: http://www.ssense.com/men/product/wings_and_horns/charcoal_camouflage_bush_pants/57458
thanks guys. I was looking at that henley - is the 8% cashmere enough to make it really warm? Anyone have any of their t shirts?
any codes for boylston trading?
    Ordered this from Brigade in Ohio.  Shipping was crazy fast to NYC, they shipped same day and I ordered later in the afternoon.  Great service.    This is my first wings+horns piece.  I honestly just decided to take the plunge because I kept hearing time and time again that they had the best hoodies out there.  I have to say I'm beyond impressed.  Great fit - perfect for me since I am slim and have looooong arms.  The large loop material is warm and...
Mike, just wanted to confirm you would keep the navy aledaide preorder open for a bit while longer.  Still waiting on my boots and want to make sure the 8.5 UK works.  Thanks
If anyone can get me a pair of bush pants in 32 I will pay you for your trouble. 
how much were the bush pants? 
double post
  Thanks for the sweet hookup. Ordered their last one in Medium and used the code "newrecruit" for 15% off.
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