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Hoping to trade a TOJ0 Size 48 with 50 lengths for a stock size 50 TOJ0 or size 52 wool ma-1
1. until you provide proof that you have 2 spots...its assumed you are lying.  Your rationale doesn't make any sense.  You are selling your spot because you don't think Drew will deliver.  Simple as that. 2. I never had a change of heart.  I still think the product is awesome.  I still think the way TOJ does business is unacceptable.
Lol okay.  If you thought that there was any chance you were getting your jacket, you wouldn't be selling your spot.  You're salty that I'm right.   Resume spending the rest of your life trolling SF...
i get it man. But the fact is that I was proven right.  Drew punked a lot of people.  You have been trying to sell your spot forever and no one will touch it.
Looking to trade a barely used black/black TOJ0  48 w 50 lengths for a TOJ0 50 stock.   
nope.  annoying as hell.   Hoping someone can help me out.
Hi are there anyone that can help me from canada to US?  from Harry Rosen online
I have the Black/Gray Lima Sweatpants in size Large and they fit perfect.  Do the Black Escobar's on the site have the same fit?  
Yes us 38
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