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the dual zip hoodie is dead.
Raw edge + space jams
They both look good to me.
Loving my loopwheel raglan full zip. I wonder when/if this and the esibu come out in regular terry
 Slate is unique and they make every hoodie in black.  But - I would get the LW Kake in Black if your size is available. If not, slate
I have the oak ones. I got them for $110 and happy. For full price - I suggest you wait until the oversized sweats come out in more colorways. The hold is supposedly better.I believe I saw a M Slate pair on discount for sale on eBay. Now THATS a no brainer.
JE is not for you bruh.  The whole line was based on having longer than average tee length.  There are a million brands with shorter tees - in fact at much cheaper prices.  
I posted a fit and review awhile back.
looking for a Mercer Half Zip in Slate or Oak.  Size Large
What happened to it?
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