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How does AS compare with C&J?  Better quality or on par?  How about Carmina?
Those look awesome.  Is the first one calf or shell?  
so how much of a sale could one expect on these later this week?  30% +15%
Some had trouble viewing my pictures and requested that I repost.  I am doing so as an attachment now.  Hopefully this works.              
Will EG and G&G be on sale for the upcoming private sale?
    Sorry for the simpleton question.  How can I determine which items are Icon core and Fall icon?   Thanks
The above just arrived from Skoaktiebolaget the on Saturday.  Adam helped me out with all my questions about fit and was very helpful.  These are on the Robert last with a full Dainite sole.  My first dress boot, first dainite sole and first pair of Carmina's.  Definitely very happy with the last, its an excellent fit.  I have a narrow to medium foot and the Robert last fits well without being too loose and giving plenty of toe room.  Very happy with Carmina quality, and...
New Posts  All Forums: