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having a bit of trouble getting my new carmina's to take a good polish.  I can get a nice sheen but not mirror shine.  Does this get better as time goes on?  I had a similar issue with some Edward Greens at first, but they take a great shine now.  Never had this issue with C&J so just curious.
what color paste are you guys using on the rioja color?
Looks awesome and great price...althought I'm more in the market for a pair of Shannons...
Maybe a makeup of that new badass jumper boot you have?Do you have any other colors coming in? Black?
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Those Jumper boots look awesome...WOW.  Any chance you will be getting them in Black???
Called the Atlanta store and was able to  get the last(supposedly) pair of 9.5's in the country.  My first shells...
anyone have experience with the Reigning Champ Herringbone hoodies?
I wear 8.5 UK in 360 lasted C&Js 8.5 UK in Carmina Robert last 9 D in EG 82 last   Would I be a 9.5 in the C&J wingtip Marlows?
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