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2 - Im looking forward to the navy calf alcudia.  Does anyone have any pics of carminas navy calf in natural light?   3.  Id like to see a calf option for these as well.  Maybe burgundy calf or black calf?
any pics of the A-2 in navy on here? I'm 6'2" with long arms and a 38" chest, so getting something slim enough with long arms isn't easy, unless im going the balenciaga route and thats upwards of 2500 easily...
Get a black captoe, a brown derby and a burgundy oxford.  I would definitely not get a double monk as one of my first 3 shoes...  Oh and wholecuts aren't great with jeans
100% agree.  This shoe will look majestic with grey suits, navy suits, would even pop nice with browns or denim.  I say we keep the medallion the same as it is on the above shoe. 
  Would be a blunder if these don't get made...  Look awesome
at least one person that posted in this thread works for GQ or Gap.  Im certain of it. 
thats 4 people interested in an a Navy calf Adelaide on the Alcudia last.    Who Else is in???
 Okay-This is on the Alcudia last which I think complements this style of shoe perfectly.So far: Me - Nepats81, thecool85, gentpaxwho else is in?
THIS in Navy Calf ----
longwing balmoral in navy calf
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