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I'm in , but would need it to be on an 82 last for me.  I'm a D width...would that be an issue?
how much were the hi top sneakers?
i got that boot...its heaven
Hi, I wear 8.5 UK in Carmina Robert last 9/9.5 D in EG 82 Last 8.5 in C&J 360 last 9.5 US in Tramezza   I have a narrow-medium foot.   Would I wear a 43 in Vass U Last?   any help would be greatly appreciated
I'm thinking about getting my first pair of vass soon
having a bit of trouble getting my new carmina's to take a good polish.  I can get a nice sheen but not mirror shine.  Does this get better as time goes on?  I had a similar issue with some Edward Greens at first, but they take a great shine now.  Never had this issue with C&J so just curious.
what color paste are you guys using on the rioja color?
Looks awesome and great price...althought I'm more in the market for a pair of Shannons...
Maybe a makeup of that new badass jumper boot you have?Do you have any other colors coming in? Black?
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