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 Hows the quality of Beams+??
US sale is live
  What do you guys think of this model?  Oakdale in "Slate" http://www.thetweedpig.com/2012/02/its-all-about-leather-edward-green.html
that looks like a large loop hoodie.  If thats your size then yes its worth it. W+H runs slim - others may be able to answer more questions about previous seasons 
9 UK most likely
looking to pick up a black label coat, hopefully they will still have my size when they go on sale
hows the quality of the wool/cashmere tube scarf and beanie?  Anyone have them?
Mike,   Can Carmina line their boots in shearling?  A jumper boot style lined in shearling with brown scotchgrain would be very nice.
  These are beyond nice.
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