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http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/p/Ralph-Lauren-Telford-Chukka-Boat-Shoe-Slip-On/prod82020048_cat240503__/?cmCat=cat000000cat202802cat000024cat213529cat240503&index=12&isEditorial=false&ecid=BGALRgcdL_ATRVoE   Ralph Lauren Telford Boot/boat shoe.  Can get them for $150 from the RL outlet at woodbury.  What do you guys think? 
what last are these on? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Pebble-Wingtip-Boots/MH00185,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00185_Color=DKBR&contentpos=2&cgid=0522
Actually at this point they have been around for 4 seasons.  No point in offering founding member sale especially when many don't buy much anyways...
  I ended up moving forward with the Carmina's on the simpson last from the armoury.  Ill let you know how they work out
 I went TTS 9.5 in the shortwing marlow and it seems to fit well.  I read earlier that some were sizing down and some weren't.  There is a slight amount of room, but I have a narrow foot, and I am not sure if going down to a 9 would help.  Does cordovan stretch much?  If it does I may have to exchange...
Just ordered Carmina's from the armoury.  As soon as they arive ill post pics...
 YES.           I have the brown calf/brown scotchgrain with Dainite soles from Skoaktiebolaget.  Wore them trudging through NYC the past few days through icy wet, and slushy conditions.  They were great.  I read before that some people had trouble with slipping in Dainite soles, but I had no such problem.  Maybe Dainite improved the quality of their soles?  Oh and its a treat not having to worry about all the salt on the roads...
where are you guys buying C&J's these days online?  Been checking out Boidleys and they barely have anything in stock.
got my 9.5s in and they fit nicely...pics to come
do the ESF luxury shirts fit the same or slightly bigger compared to the normal ESF shirts?  Reason I ask is because I have found the SF Luxury shirts are much baggier than the normal SF shirts.
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