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got my 9.5s in and they fit nicely...pics to come
do the ESF luxury shirts fit the same or slightly bigger compared to the normal ESF shirts?  Reason I ask is because I have found the SF Luxury shirts are much baggier than the normal SF shirts.
 Will either of these boots have a Dainite sole?
I am looking to add a black business shoe to my wardrobe in the near future. I have primarily been looking at a few models of Carmina and C&J Handgrade or Benchgrade.  Currently I have a pair of EG Midfords on the 82 last as my only black shoe.     Ive narrowed it own to a few options, but am open to other worthy suggestions as well.  For reference I have a slightly narrow foot and wear size 8.5 UK in the Carmina Robert last, 8.5 UK in C&J 360 last, 9D in EG 82 last....
when is the best time to pick up multiple ties? 
 thank you...  I suppose you could even wear the Wembley with a Tux?    1 last question - handgrades worth the $150 approx premium?
I was thinking about going with the Wembley on the 360 last (benchgrade) or the belgrave on the 337 last (handgrade)
Need to add a black balmoral oxford for my work wardrobe. I work in finance.  Any recomendations on what models I should look at?
Sold out of 8.5 UK in the jumper boot already!  I was planning on coming into the store to try them on but the hurricane prevented that.  Are you going to do a restock? 
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