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hows the quality of the wool/cashmere tube scarf and beanie?  Anyone have them?
Mike,   Can Carmina line their boots in shearling?  A jumper boot style lined in shearling with brown scotchgrain would be very nice.
  These are beyond nice.
sunspel 20% off 
guess the pocket sweaters arent going to hit sale
How is the quality of the alpaca pocket sweater? Warm?
Any places I can get a hybridge hoodie at a discount with. Black Friday around he corner?
I want another large loop hoodie. Teal or purple from ssense? Already have 2 grays
Did you get yours straight from Edward Green? or another retailer?
http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/style/articles/2012-01/12/edward-green-boots     Galway with Shearling lining.  
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