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Are west point chinos the slim fit?  It says straight fit on the website.
if anyone has the pocket sweater in deep purple size M that didnt work out let me know...
Looks awesome. When will the black boots come in?
  Can anyone comment on what the difference is between these overcoats?  Is the prorsum worth that much more?     http://www.mrporter.com/product/197588   http://www.mrporter.com/product/197055     Thanks
Got my Pocket Sweater in Electric Blue.  Not too bright, color was accurate on the website.  Very happy with the fit, and the quality seems very nice.     Let me know how the lightweight pocket sweater works out for you...
got the pocket sweater in electric blue.  Hope it isnt too bright and loud
what are peoples views on the westpoint chinos?  Looking for a nice pair of navy pants and just want to make sure they are good quality before I cop.  
anyone cop anything nice?  Seems like most stuff is gone even at 50% off. 
Suede would be the upper.  I would hope someone wouldn't be walking in snow or crap high enough to cover the suede. For that get L.L. Beans. The suede would presumuably be covered by pants.  Suede is better in bad weather than you think. Salt messes it up, but salt messes up everything and this would be the upper.
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