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Anyone have any working codes for the corner?
Is there any way to get rid of or reduce the squeaking on shoes?
Great thank you!   I just realized that AS makes a narrow fitting as well.  Perhaps I should go with that...anyone know if AFOS can place an order for a narrow on either moores or cambridge?  Id rather get the best fit and pay a bit more
This is really helpful thank you!   I actually was just thinking about the galways but it is significantly more expensive.  How would you say the quality is on the Cambridge?  I'm sure they are not on the same level as EG , but how would they compare to C&J or Carmina?   Thanks!
hello I am interested in the Alfred Sargent Cambridge boot and the AS Moore in cherry.   I wear CJ 360 last 8.5 UK Carmina Simpson and Robert 8.5 UK EG 82 9D UK     Can anyone recommend what size I should get in either of these shoes?   Thanks!
Is it still possible to order a shearling collar on the bomber
mr porter is so much better.  P&B is for hypebeasts
broke down and ordered the navy pocket sweater too. 
Burberry coats typically have a great OTR fit if you are tall and slim.  The problem I sometimes find is that many of the coats dont have room to account for a blazer or suit jacket underneath.  Then you have to size up and it may or may not work...
this coat is on sale now.
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