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If people are serious about putting together a MTO for the Galways, if we can get 6 people together before month end...hopefully they can get delivered by October 1.   My proposal - Galway on 82 last, dark oak and mink suede upper, dainite sole   Galway on 82 last, bauxite and rosewood country calf upper, dainite sole   Feel free to make suggestions
I have the midfords in black on the 82 last and they are majestic
I'd be in on this.  888 or 82 last would be my preference.
  Anyone interested in doing another round of MTO's for the Galway?  Maybe on the 888 last?
Leaves,   Previously I believe someone mentioned in the Edward Green thread that you can order a different width in one of your stock models without an MTO charge.  Is this correct?    For example I would be interested in ordering the stock Galway you are getting in a Narrow width. Thanks!
Love this hoodie from Mr. Porter...but a steep price.     http://www.mrporter.com/product/328251
Thats the 82 last.
I would like dark oak with mink suede upper on the 888 last with a dainite sole.  I could also be talked into burgundy or nightshade as well. 
Speaking of which,  anyone interested in doing a Galway MTO through Skoak?  Would be hard to beat the price they are able to do it at, esp if you are in the US and get the 20% VAT deduction. 
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