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hows the quality of marc jacobs mainline?  Looking at some outerwear pieces.  Good for tall slim guys?
How's the quality of Marc Jacobs Mainline outerwear?  Thinking about picking up a down jacket.
how is marc jacobs mainline quality and fit for a skinny tall guy?  I'm 6'2" with long ass arms
how is the sizing on outerwear?  I normally wear a Medium in most items and a 48 IT suit jacket, but oftentimes a 50 IT in outerwear.  Would a size 50 in a bomber or wool field jacket be okay?  For reference, I am 6'1" with a 38" chest and 31" waist.  Thanks!
Hows the quality of Robert Geller?  Im debating btwn the field jacket and the bomber...
Bought this from Mr. Porter.  http://www.mrporter.com/product/312778  .  Fits really well and looks to be high quality.  Just not sure what I would wear a denim jacket with.  Should I keep or return??  Thanks all
some drakes ties down to $65 on Park and Bond.
I was very impressed with Skoaktiebolaget's service.
Are people still happy with the quality of Monitaly?  Was thinking about picking up a down vest...
anyone interested in doing a makeup of some suede desert boots for the spring?  Snuff Suede with a York sole or double leather sole would be fantastic.  Simpson or Rain last??
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