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I am interested to know if this is significant as well
When will pictures be posted?
u will look like a buffoon if the sleeves are too short.  I think the sleeve stacking looks good.
any new carmina styles on their way?  You guys doing the chukka again?
almost every makeup is done in the forest last so we can hookup people with wide feet.  But even the normal forest width doesnt work for some people and the last(normal or wide) doesnt work at all for others.  Personally - I would like to see something on the Simpson or Robert. 
http://www.quality-shop.nl/carmina-shoemakers-chukka-boot   The above is an example of a 3 eyelet chukka on the inca last.  I think this would be excellent with the hatch grain as well.
Very nice.  Makes me excited to get my rosewood galways...
Do those still have veldt construction?  I really like the dark oak with the mink suede
i thought the promotion ended last week...?
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