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did anyone end up getting their shoes??
Selling my pair of galways. I ordered these as a MTO with skoaktiebolaget last year and only wore them once around the house - never outside. They are great boots, but I'm looking to move them because I am moving to a warmer climate and will not get to use them much. Selling price is $900. Please no lowball offers. Thanks!
love the clothes, just wish sizing with this brand was consistent.
How do these look on my face
Sand Villain looks nice.  Will there be a sand full zip hoodie?
Selling my Flash Dual Zip hoodie in Grey. Size Medium.  I have just tried it on but never wore it out. Perfect condition.  
I'm selling my Lima Duo Black sweatpants in size Large.  I have worn them 2 x, and washed once in cold water and air dry.  They are in perfect condition.  
Selling a pair of Used Lima Sweatpants size Large in Duo Black.  I have worn them 2 times and washed once with cold water and air dried.  They are in perfect condition.
If there isn't a restock planned there should be. Those sold really quick if I remember correctly
This is a bad look for them. I hope they fix their service, this is not the type of rep any business should want
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