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Hi what size would I wear in this last?   I am a 9 D UK in EG 82 8.5 UK in C&J 360 last 8.5 UK in Carmina Simpson and Robert lasts   I have a slightly narrow foot.  I'm assuming a 9 E UK would work for G&G TG73 last?  Is this a fair assumption?   Thanks
  The chukka in snuff suede on the simpson last would be awesome.  Add a york sole or double leather and I would def do that for the spring.    The grape calf is awesome as well.  I think on the simpson or alcudia last with a simple captoe (no brogueing) and just letting the color shine would really look nice. 
how much does a mid priced cego shirt cost these days?
  What do you guys think of this bomber.  Made of wool by Acne.  I kinda like the cropped look. http://shop.acnestudios.com/shop/sale/sale-men/outerwear/neruda-tweed-rust-black-big-check.html
was there a code for boylston trading co floating around?
Thanks for the insight. Why goat over lamb?
Finally decided to move forward with a Lamb A2.  Any advice on if I should go with brown or black?  I read previously that Drew felt black was better quality than brown?   Thanks
hows the quality of marc jacobs mainline?  Looking at some outerwear pieces.  Good for tall slim guys?
How's the quality of Marc Jacobs Mainline outerwear?  Thinking about picking up a down jacket.
how is marc jacobs mainline quality and fit for a skinny tall guy?  I'm 6'2" with long ass arms
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