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Very nice.  Makes me excited to get my rosewood galways...
Do those still have veldt construction?  I really like the dark oak with the mink suede
i thought the promotion ended last week...?
Excellent!  I'd like to see Cherry, Rioja, or Vintage Oak. 
i vote wigmore in cherry or dark oak.  Suede upper.  Double leather sole
I ended up getting the Galway -  Shearling lined rosewood/tobacco suede model on the 64 last with Veldt construction. 
yes it does.  just spoke to them.
I'm going to pull the trigger on 2 EG's   1. Galway on the 64 last with shearling lining.  Not sure if I should go with the almond with mink suede or the rosewood.... opinions welcome   2. The second shoe is between the inverness in burgundy, oakdale in midnight or the asquith in dark oak.  decision decisions decisions
wow.  Do you think I would be able to order a D width through them?  I wouldnt mind waiting...
Hi I was hoping someone here could assist with a sizing question.  What size would I wear in the TG73 last?   I am a 9 D UK in EG 82 8.5 UK in C&J 360 last 8.5 UK in Carmina Simpson and Robert lasts   I have a slightly narrow foot.  I'm assuming a 9 E UK would work for G&G TG73 last?  Is this a fair assumption?   Thanks!
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