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I'll buy something when a basic color MTO is offered in a last other than forest.  I'd kill for some simpson or robert...
Would love to see this on Simpson...
I believe it was called Eggplant calf.  Looked similar to vintage rioja G&G.  An austerity brouge boot, or simple stitch captoe would show the color off nicely i think
Will you be restocking the navy, burgundy or green grenadine drakes ties?
Robert or alcudia would look really sharp for the Greeley boot. I vote black and eggplant calf
Can we do a re-run of the Greeley boot in black - this time in the Robert Last?  Also Eggplant calf would be very nice...
They look great.  How is the fit on them? TTS? 
would need to be on a double leather sole...but i may be interested.
Through skoak maybe like 900? Just a guess
hatch grain radwell looks so nice
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