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What has scared me from ordering VASS in the past has been how confusing the sizing seems to be.  I've read a lot of conflicting data on this thread.  Also since I have a narrow foot, there seems to be less sampling data.   I wear a 9 D UK in EG 8.5 UK Carmina in Simpson and Robert lasts 8.5 UK in C&J 360 last   Perhaps someone can chime in with advice?
I wear size 8.5 UK in Carmina Robert and C&J 348.  I wear a size 9 D UK for EG.  Generally I have found - size down half a size from US to UK for EG, and a full size down from US to UK for Carmina and C&J.  Perhaps others can chime in as well. 
Is the above picture double dainite?
More Balmoral Boots on the Robert Last please!  My brown/scotch grain boots are held up fantastic all winter.
That midnight calf oxford came out amazing.  I would be in on a rerun
x post from Skoak thread.   We are doing a MTO for the Galways in Dark Oak/Mink Suede on the 82 last with dainite soles.  Price would be approx $1050. Anyone else interested?
I'm in on this.
If people are serious about putting together a MTO for the Galways, if we can get 6 people together before month end...hopefully they can get delivered by October 1.   My proposal - Galway on 82 last, dark oak and mink suede upper, dainite sole   Galway on 82 last, bauxite and rosewood country calf upper, dainite sole   Feel free to make suggestions
I have the midfords in black on the 82 last and they are majestic
I'd be in on this.  888 or 82 last would be my preference.
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