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still waiting 35 weeks for my TOJ0 stock 48.
price drop to $600
Hang it up in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.  As long as your bathroom isn't massive the steam should be just the right amount.
The bottom line is that if you ordered EG's from EoM...get a refund now.   EoM has been too indirect, shady and non responsive to my liking.  Even with the discount, this is a lot to pay for shoes...and bottom barrel service is unacceptable.  
My galway got delayed again... So I had to draw the line and ask for a refund. If EoM had been up front and at least communicated throughout I would have probably kept the order. Going forward skoaktiebolaget will be getting all my business...
Price drop to $700
How you want to conduct business is totally up to you.  You are not the norm.  I hope you do not conduct business this way in all areas of you life...otherwise you have a future of making real estate brokers, car dealerships, and future employers all very happy.  They will all take advantage of you. 
+1 Too many cats on here thin TOJ is a religion.  Good product, great price, but when money exchanges, business is taking place.  Being up front goes a long way with people.  If you set expectations, follow through.  If something changes that delays expectations, let people know.  99% will be understanding.
Leaves can you give some clarification on the shearling lining for the Galway preorder?  How will this differ from the stock walnut/mink suede veldt shearling galway sold in the catalog?
this suit is majestic
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