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just got back from Barney's NYC. Copped a pair of the Neros - perfect fit.  Love them.  I tried on the Harlot , and while they are really nice, i just dont think I'll wear them enough to justify the price tag.  
I would suggest you take the store credit and call it a day.  I agree Notre could have put all BF sales final.  Always better to be over-transparent.  However always always always check return policy first. 
i would reccomend keeping it and gaining 20 lbs of clean mass
should i cop the nero's or the harlots?  Or should I wait til spring to cop all black with no holes?  Thanks fam.
just got my alpine bogota bomber in the mail from Notre.  Really f'n nice.  Cant wait to wear it.  
just bought the GAP + JE jeans for $50 online.  Anyone have them? Thoughts?
anyone know where I can go in NYC to try on a pair of JE jeans?
I ended up agreeing with you! Sent back the Berkeley.  Nice quality and great size for me, but I just felt the wallie looked so unique and special.  
How are Alexander wang bags? Considering keeping the Wallie backpack I ordered or the Berkeley duffle
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