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What's your guys opinion of the Raw Edge Raglan Hoodie?  I'm considering getting the Alpine or Oak.  I already ordered a Black Kake earlier this week.     Thanks!
 Just copped a Bogota in Alpine for a clean discount.  Hope I made a good decision.  $275.
Looks good.  You will get a ton of use.  I have the Navy wool bomber from a couple years back and the Camel one looks awesome as well
 I wear a Large in all JE.  going to get a Large Bogota.  Just wanted to make sure I'm getting a dope bomber for the price.  At the end of the day I just want something that fits nice, looks good and is effortless.
Opinions on Bogota Bomber?
How is Bonafe quality in comparison to Carmina and Crockett & Jones?  
Anyone handle the leather backpack yet? Looks pretty nice
Opinions on moncler? Wool rich? Mackage?
I currently live in Boston and am searching for a high quality, stylish and functional parka with a fur trim and mid thigh length (No bombers or short jackets).  I have tried on Canada Goose and it looks very high quality and functional, however I feel like everyone in Boston has one.  I was wondering if this forum had any other suggestions of brands I should look at?  Thanks!
Since I have decided not to wear these since purchase I’ve decided it’s time to sell them. They come in the original box, with the Edward Green cloth shoe bags, and polishing matt. Shoe trees are not included. These boots have been tried on but not used.The pictures below accurately reflect the condition of these boots, however if you require further pictures or have any additional questions please let me know. I am currently only shipping these to CONUS.     NIB -...
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