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zincs or black terrains?
I got into JE for the slim fit as well. I recently got my black kake in the mail and I love the slightly oversized fit. I still am able to layer it under my bogota bomber so it's not baggy by any means. It feels and looks much more upscale that any old baggy hoodie. You will look fresh. That being said, I'm looking forward to a restock of the dual zip
Treat yo self
what size in the JE high tops if I'm a 10.5 in jordans/nikes?
dope combo
When do things go to 50% off
Alpine bogota, black kake, sweatpants are Nike FC
Large on both for intended fit.
What's the difference btwn the Merced tees and classic? Which do you guys prefer? On the website I only see the Mercer tees being layered with the villain hoodie. Everything else is layered with the curve , classic or anti expo
should i cop the float knit?
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