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any promo codes for Norse Store?
not sure if i should get a suiting wool ma-1 or a leather ma-1...thoughts?
Any idea on if they do a summer sale at Edwards of Manchester?
WOW!  What colors are those?
made my first order the other day.  Bitter Chocolate and Dark Red Grossa...
A true burgundy - especially carmina's will go with blue and grey suits.  Simpson would be a standard chisel and fantasic... I also think an adelaide on the alcudia last in burgundy would look great as well.
i think you would regret it.
wow both those arrans look awesome.  What would you wear a black chukka with though?
I'll buy something when a basic color MTO is offered in a last other than forest.  I'd kill for some simpson or robert...
Would love to see this on Simpson...
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