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Thanks! I copped. For those of you who have these , how you liking them so far?
Interesting point. We buy these clothes because of the way they make us feel. None of us NEED $400 jeans or $200 hoodies. I just feel that extra bit of swagger having nice well fitting clothes. Some people can get that same feeling from a $10 uniqlo t shirt. And that's all good too.You cats should read gorilla mindset btw.
You guys think having the neros and the Mr. P carbon black is overkill?  I have both and debating on if i should keep one or both.  Thanks
you guys are going way too far.  He hooks up everyone with lots of value and fit pics etc.  Vs a bunch of people who just come in here and ask the same sizing question again and again.
this cat tells it like it is.  cold as ice tho.
how are the undershirts these days?  The ones I bought in 2014 or 2015 all ended up shrinking really badly.  
Looks good man. You do oversize well
He was trolling. ive wanted loopwheel for years but could never get myself to spend so much on some ill fitting buzz Rickson garment with ultra short sleeves made for someone really short. I love that JE is cut for us taller cats. Lebron f'n James wears JE my dude. Randy moss probably does too.
wait.  the loop wheel kake fits differently than the mainline kake in the same size?  too big?   How do the sweats fit?  Its torture out on the east coast waiting for my JE to come in!
i cant tell if you're trolling or not. 
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