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DUNE - Does anyone have this color?   Thoughts.   I am debating on copping the dual zip in dune tomorrow.   
Just copped the grey loop wheel kake in large that popped up. On an impulse. To those of you that have it... does it fit exactly the same as the terry kake? I know measurements are the same but maybe it drapes different? How's the color in person?
i kind of like the hellweek hoodie.  the fit looks fitted but not overly slim like the villian
do you guys size up on the dual flash zip?  I am a large in the kake, and raw edge raglan.  Thanks
Brand new black bogota size large for sale
Need a Mercer half zip in slate. JE release some hoodies!
Type 1, 2, 3 huh?
anyone treat themselves to a charcoal co-mix mercer or crew
44.   I'm a 10.5 in nikes and went with a 43
 wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. you have 500 hoodies and no JE denim?   I'm not trolling you. Just surprised.  You're in for a treat.  
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