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10,107 + 20 + 80 + 6 = 10,213 
80,058 + 80 = 80,138 My gym just transitioned from DBs to kettlebells.  I have no idea why.  They removed all DBs over 75 lbs.
I bought a 2 foot section of 4 inch PVC pipe and supplement it with a rumble roller.  It's really helped maintain full range of motion and reduce soreness to allow me to do what I need to do at work after working out.  I do 3 minute holds on each muscle I've worked that day plus 3 minutes of static stretching afterwards.   You can check out this dude @musclewhispererjosh on insta, but beware that he cluster posts like once a day.  His techniques really work for the lower...
For whomever was looking for something like Vans Sk8 His but nicer here's the Eytys Oddessy for $180. I don't know about the purple pull tab but the pure whites are still 200 and they don't have a contrasting pull tab.  
7,386 + 50 = 7,436 Chin ups with a 10 second negative.  I'm going to have to foam roll like a motherfucker to do anything tomorrow.
+10 = 6,568
Thrifted Dior MIJ - The hems are a mess and I have no information on them, but they're a solid find.  I'm probably going to sell them.   Merz B Henley (Sized up for looser fit)   Junhashimoto Back-Zips  Present my wife bought herself for landing a movie gig this summer (It's solid mahogany and is going to be a bitch to move)
5,901 + 100 = 6,001
5100 + 75 = 5175
Carhartt WIP only ships to US over $100 and the other stores I've looked at are out of stock. It's more like a is it worth it.
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