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+ 25 = 71,985
71,186 + 25 + 65 = 71,276
Paulrose Products is the heritage line from Naked and Famous founder Brandon Svarc. These are heavy slub 17oz unsanforized jeans in his Heritage fit which have been tapered to a 7 inch hem. They are still rigid and have little to no fading and no honeycombing at the knees. They have been soaked once to get the shrink out but never washed and worn sparingly. My thighs are too big and I don't feel like putting in the effort to break these in. Measurements:  Waist - 15...
69,896 + 70 = 69,966
UU Easy Jacket Size XS (Fits 1 size large) UU Easy Pants Size Medium (Fits 1 size small)   Combined these two form the jersey goodness that is the UU Easy suit.  Basically, it forms the UU Easy Suit size small and it took like a year to put together.  Unfortunately, I then moved to Texas and it can only be worn for about 3 weeks.  It kills me but someone needs to buy this and then wear it every day. Do it.   100 shipped in the US.
Mauro, your releases have been choice the past few months.  That French Linen shirt is great.
68,850 + 56 = 68,906   Night shift is just killing my numbers these days.
67,713 + 65 = 67,778
I'm revamping my wardrobe after a move to Austin and need some whiskey colored leather in my life.  If your holding onto a jacket you don't wear, hit me up.  I'll wear the shit out of it.  I'll just need some detailed measurements before I give you all my moneys.
67,400 + 65 + 25 = 67,490
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