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Edit: ^I really like the colors combo there 3PW. Pre-GRE cram session fit pic  [[SPOILER]]
+ 60 + 25 = 18,449
^They're 40s that fit TTS unfortunately.  
I wish they still had the heavyweight crew side zip in medium but that shit is long gone.  The stretch nylon just isn't really what I'm going for.
Anyone have an idea of where I can pick up a black side zip crew?  It would really fill a whole in my wardrobe.
 15,669 + 100 = 15,769 Why is it that I can get closer to a full planche than one fucking muscle up?
What is that jacket?  
I missed the boat on these.  Hit me up.
Cool beans, just wanted to check the size charts.  Thanks man.
Anyone else unable to pull up the TOJ Gallery for the past two days?
New Posts  All Forums: