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 116,989 + 65 = 117,054
RFT: That feeling you get when you set a limit for how much you'll spend on an item, then it goes for $20 over. Fuck responsible budgeting sometimes.
Some shirts for your consideration:   Wolf vs Goat French Blue Slub L/S Button Down After Dinner Small $45 This is a 100% cotton button down shirt with an airy, slubby texture that is the perfect summer time button down.  The After Dinner cut does not include back darts, and was purchased on advice from Mauro.  The color is fantastic and I wish this shirt still fit me.   IC: Wolf vs Goat Indigo Polka Dot L/S Button Down $85 This is a 100% cotton indigo polka dot...
I go by "Chrisophe" only and live in Texas, so I don't want to be discriminated against. (10) And @Synthese that totally makes sense, just extremely specific and easily taken out of context.
Someone seriously needs to buy these Lad Musician creepers. 
 I'm pretty sure that might be the most overtly racist eBay listing I've ever seen.  He's got great prices but damn.
115,724 + 55 = 115,779
 + 10 = 114,523
Didn't Rakuten do a free shipping promotion around this time last year?  Anyone remember, I'm waiting to pull the trigger on some things.
My bad.
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