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It's a lamb jacket from the brand Blk dnm.
Just copped navy stark from TBS at 30% off.
Have any european gotten their toj stuck in customs? If I'll order one, VAT and customs might kill me...
Which stark colorway should i get?   Navy Maroon Charcoal Black melange
I'm in need of some dark drop crotch pants, and I think these are nice. They are from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and cost about the same. Pics aint the best but hopefully you'll get the idea.     These  wool pants.   Or these jean-chinos?    
I like these.  
    Haha! Were supposed to buy the navy one but then a charcoal popped up on the site so i kinda insta kopped.
Just got myself this from TBS at 20% off.   OL charcoal hat.   OL sand knit.  
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