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way better than Jcrew
def yes, always do that.
just order the wool topcoat
Hi corneliusparky, do you mind posting some pics of it? I didnt see any wool pants on sale yesterday. thanks  
  So so so excited about the sales after xmas, got 2 jackets,  the oldrich blazer ( 279/229/137.4 ) and  the puffer jacket ( 269/219/131.4 ).  It is hard to find extra small size stuff during sales, I have to visit 2 stores for each. Btw, student discount can not be applied after 40% off. :(   Pics below:      
I think the matty shirt has 2 versions, one is for summer(thinner) and one is for winter. The summer version is on sale now    
check the lookbook, CM clothes r so easy to mix and wear  
One of my friends checked out the store today and said at least some of the stuff r made in china... i will take a lot of pics once i received it, hope the details wont let me down
just ordered Shetland Shawl Cardigan, with 25% plus sale, around $97,   a little bit worried about the quality cos i think it is MADE IN CHINA...
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